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RingCentral is a popular VoIP service that is built for businesses. Through their packages, you can get unlimited talk time, a toll-free number, and can also enjoy unlimited texting. Users have also found RingCentral a great product for conferencing as the service allows for mobility. Different packages will give varying levels of functionality for the conferencing feature. You can increase the number of users by selecting higher tiers of the service. This company is generally known for providing affordable packages that are very rich in features. The reception of their service has been overwhelmingly positive.

Although it is marketed as a service for all businesses, it is more specialized for SMEs. RingCentral packages come with lots of features that smaller companies would need such as a caller ID and callback. The conferencing feature might also not be suitable for large businesses as they typically have a lot of staff, and have many locations.

The company’s prices are quite low, especially considering the level of functionality offered. Their products can be integrated with other popular apps and services such as Gmail, Microsoft, and Glip. Its integration with popular services has made it more convenient as a VoIP communication and collaboration service.

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Company Overview

RingCentral is not the best-known provider of cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions. Regardless, it is an award-winning company that offers great services at great prices. The company was started in 1999 and has since grown to have its own network backbone on three continents: the USA, Asia, and Europe. Its headquarters are located in Belmont, California.

In its earlier years, the company was focused on smaller businesses but has now expanded to offer services to medium and large firms. That said, small and medium-sized enterprises are more likely find their cloud-based service suitable for their needs. Larger companies may need a service with greater functionality.

Presently, more than 300,000 companies around the world make use of RingCentral products.


RingCentral offers three pricing options: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Charges depend on the option you pick and the number of users. The prices start from $19.99 per month for each Standard user. Premium users will have to spend $34 on the service and Enterprise plans will cost you $44 per user. These are all monthly prices.

All plans offer unlimited calls, a mobile app, and call management features. Toll-free minutes and the capacity for online meetings vary among the three levels. Standard users get 1,000 toll-free minutes, Premium subscribers get 2,500 minutes, and those on the Enterprise plan get 10,000 minutes of toll-free calls in a month.

The online meeting capacity is 4 for Standard, 25 for Premium, and 50 people for the Enterprise plan. Standard subscribers will not be able to enjoy the automatic call recording feature. With all these plans, you can purchase additional features for an extra fee.

If you are not certain which plan would be suitable for you, the company allows a trial period of 30 days. That way, you can be able to decide which tier to subscribe to. Generally, the Standard plan will suit all small businesses that only have a single physical location.

Compared to its competitors, RingCentral offers reasonable rates. They keep updating their features to compete favorably with other similarly priced services. Aside from the features mentioned, users can also enjoy callback, call forwarding, caller ID, and call routing. The products can integrate well with other apps. To add convenience to your cloud-based communication system, the service even allows users to sync their RingCentral contacts with their Gmail accounts, and text people through the same service.

User Experience

RingCentral uses a simple interface. Procedures on the service are handled by a wizard, and this makes it easy for people to use their products. Adding users to your plan is quite simple. It involves five steps, all of which are guided by the wizard. You will need to select a state and city for the issuing of the DID phone number then you can choose what type of phone to get for the new user.

Through the interface, these users can be divided into groups, depending on your preference. Some can handle customer care for your company while others can handle corporate calls. The auto attendant function can make it easier for your callers to find the correct department. It will take them through menus and eventually, connect them to a real person in your company. This can help you reduce the need for call transfers.

It is also quite simple to redirect users to voice mail in case they call on holidays or after working hours. Handing call routing through their platform is simplified by their inclusion of an IVR tree. The IVR editor gives you a visual representation of the call routing and the various menu options available. This Graphical User Interface can allow you to edit any part of the tree that needs changes.

RingCentral is integrated with Glip. Users can communicate over the application and even video chat. The advantage of the Glip user interface is that you can communicate in teams of people who do not use RingCentral services. The app can be used on Windows PCs, Mac PCs, and Android 4.4 or higher smartphones. Versions below Windows 8.0 cannot make use of this functionality. To add someone to your Glip team, you only need to send them an email.

An extra advantage of using Glip is the fact that you can synchronize your service with Google, Microsoft, Evernote, and One Drive. Through the app, you can access your contacts, task list, and calendar. This integration has been criticized by users since its functions overlap with those of the Meeting Feature. Many users have had a hard time trying to figure out how to use the functions offered by both features. RingCentral is likely to eliminate the Meeting function altogether in light of all the complaints.

Besides Glip, RingCentral integrates seamlessly with DropBox, Google Apps, Box, Salesforce, and Desk.com. Some of these integrations are only available in higher subscriptions.

Pros of RingCentral

  • Affordable Service: Although they offer an exceptional product, RingCentral does not charge highly for their services. Their basic plan only costs $19.99 per month for each user.
  • Allows for Flexibility: With RingCentral, you don’t have to miss your business call since you can get them right through your mobile phone. In your office, you can send texts over your PC and even through your Gmail account.
  • Has a simple User Interface: The configuration of their products is done through a wizard on their user interface. That way, nothing on their service can confuse you. They have also incorporated an IVR tree editor that allows you to see the call routing of your company. Through the IVR tree, you can edit the routing configurations to achieve a personalized service. You can add new users to your plan easily by following the configuration wizard.
  • Continuously Update their Features: RingCentral offers a lot of features in their products. Some of these are callback, caller ID, call forwarding and call recording. You can even hold online conferences with their plans since they can accommodate a number of users. In addition to the features already offered, the company updates their services to win more users continuously. For example, they integrated Glip functionality to improve the collaborative and communication experience of their users.
  • Security: All communication made through RingCentral is transmitted through secure lines. The company encrypts all messages as a way of ensuring all communication is made very securely.

Cons of RingCentral

  • Expensive Phones: Although the service is reasonably priced, their phones are very expensive. Competitor companies offer phones at a much lower price.
  • Glip and Meeting Functions are Confusing: Apparently, the company’s integration of Glip was not very well thought out since its functions overlap with the Meeting feature. This has caused great confusion to users of the service. That said, the company is aware of the situation and is working to correct it. We should get an update soon.
  • Lacks High-End Features: Large companies will find this service lacking in many of the high-end features. However, small and medium-sized companies will find it sufficient for their needs. Such companies can simply upgrade their accounts in case one tier does not suit them.
  • Poor Customer Support: RingCentral has a customer service that is very unhelpful. In case you encounter trouble with their products, you will have to wait in long phone queues. Their email support service is also very slow. For technology products, good customer support is important for proper implementation of the programs.

Final Verdict

RingCentral is a great service that offers affordable cloud-based communication and collaboration products. Their prices start from $19.99 and go all the way up to $44 per month for each user. With all payment plans, you will have unlimited talk time and lots of call management features. The different plans suit various sizes of companies. In addition, you should consider the number of offices you have. If you run a small company with a single location, you will find the basic plan more than enough for your needs.

RingCentral can easily integrate with many other popular apps, and this makes it very convenient. You might have to pay extra to access other app integrations, and even more for specialized features. Some of the apps that can be integrated with RingCentral include Glip, Evernote, and OneDrive.

USA RingCentral Office – Business Phone Systems made Simple. Start your Free Trial today!

Like all other products, RingCentral has it strong and weak points. SMEs will find that the pros heavily outweigh the cons. The biggest disadvantages of this company are its poor customer service and its few options. That said, its wealth of positive points make these minor issues.

We would recommend this service to SMEs with few locations.

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