Have you ever seen an impressive shed in a neighbor’s yard and wished you could build one just like it? Are you a dedicated do-it-yourselfer who has aspirations of building your own professional-looking, attractive shed that your neighbors will envy?

Ryan Henderson, the creator of ‘Ryan’s Shed Plans,’ claims to have just the product you are looking for that not only includes 12,000 shed plans but also will teach you how to build a beautiful shed from start to finish. We have taken a more in-depth look into this program, and we’re reviewing it here so that you will have the information you need to decide if Ryan’s Shed Plans is the product for you.

Who is Ryan Henderson?

The only information we could find about the creator and author of this product, Ryan Henderson, is that he’s a woodworker who has been building wooden sheds for over 20 years. Additionally, according to his video, Mr. Henderson has taught many friends how to build sheds, and he has even taught newbies who knew absolutely nothing about shed-building how to do it.

Apparently, Ryan spent years coming across shed plans that lacked the necessary detail and cutting and materials lists only to learn at the end of the project that the plans were missing important information. That was when he decided to create this product, compiling 12,000 shed plans and more into one program that included a wealth of information on building sheds.

What is Ryan Shed Plans?

Ryan Shed Plans is a downloadable ‘Clickbank’ product that includes advanced shed-building plans for those who would like to build their own sheds. It’s created by Ryan Henderson, a master woodworker who spent many years building sheds that did not always turn out as he hoped, largely because the plans did not include all the details necessary to finish the project to perfection.

This product contains 12,000 separate shed plans that are touted to be precise and to include the detailed cutting and materials lists needed to build any shed from beginning to end with no guesswork. The creator also claims the plans are so precise and easy to understand that even if ‘you’re born with two left hands,’ the plans will guide you step-by-step through each project to its successful conclusion.

The plans are said to include everything from ‘garden sheds to doll houses’ and ‘small storage sheds to large outhouses, and every type of shed project in between. The initial purchase also includes a number of bonuses that are not add-ons or ‘upsells.’

What You Get with This Program

The program really does come with a lot of very interesting and helpful information. Here are some of the things you get:

  • 12,000 detailed shed-building plans
  • Complete lists of materials
  • 3D CAD design images from all angles showing precise dimensions
  • Step-by-step ‘LEGO-style’ instructions (meaning they are so easy to follow that, when you are finished putting all the prepared materials together, the rest simply ‘clicks together’ with very little work on your part)
  • Easy enough to follow that anyone from a beginner to a pro can follow these plans
  • ‘Used-for’ labels that show exactly what each material is used for so you do not buy what you do not need and you do not buy it before you need it
  • Plans for everything from dog kennels to picnic tables to picket fences and more

What’s Different About This Product?

In the video, the creator of this product states that many woodworking plans you can buy these days really aren’t written by woodworking experts. They are actually written by ghostwriters who know absolutely nothing about woodworking, and they wouldn’t be able to tell if the steps they’re writing will come together as an actual usable shed in the end. He claims his product is different because it’s written by a master craftsman who knows the ins and outs of building sheds and myriad other woodworking projects.

Are There Bonuses?

We like bonuses almost as much as we hate upsells, and Ryan Henderson includes some nice bonuses with his product. These are:

  • Advanced woodworking tips book: Ryan claims this book teaches you how to transform yourself into a master craftsman.
  • 400 woodworking plans book: This book includes 400 woodworking projects from furniture to doll houses and more.
  • Woodworking suppliers and distributors resource: Ryan claims this tool includes resources on where you can purchase the materials you need (even exotic woods) and what suppliers and distributors exist near you.
  • ‘Magic Modifications’ book: This tool is included so that you can calculate how to make your shed fit into any size space and area you need to put it.

Is There a Money-back Guarantee?

Yes. Ryan Henderson and Clickbank include a 100% risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this product, Ryan will refund your money. (He even states, “We can still be friends.”) In fact, he’s apparently so pleased with his product and sure you will be too that he is allowing you to keep the bonuses even if you ask for a refund.

What People Are Saying About it

Ryan provides a couple of testimonials on his website. However, we also found other reviews, and we’ve included some here.

  • Douglas from New Hampshire says, “If you love woodworking … run to get this now.”
  • Linden from North Carolina says, “I think Ryan Shed Plans is the best investment I’ve made in a long time.”
  • Scott says, “I saved $751 and completed [my project] in two days.”
  • Jason says, “Your plans are some of the best I’ve seen hands-down.”
  • Eric says, “Needs to be a negative star rating.”
  • Dean says, “No search capability with 12,000 plans, and I’m not opening 12,000 files.”
  • Jay says, “The Ryan Shed Plans product promises 12,000 different do-it-yourself shed-building plans, but instead what you get is a whole bunch of disconnected sketches, drawings, and partial blueprints.”

Pros and Cons

In order to make an informed decision about whether Ryan Shed Plans is worth your time and money, we ‘ve put together a list of both the positive and negative aspects of the program we learned in our in-depth review of this product.

The Pros

Immediate downloadable access: It’s nice to be able to buy a product and use it immediately upon purchasing.

Risk-free guarantee: You do not have to worry about your investment with this product. As with all Clickbank products, this program gives a 100% risk-free guarantee that you can get a full refund of the purchase price within 60 days of buying it if you are not completely satisfied.

Detailed plans: Although not all of the plans are as detailed and clear as necessary, because this product includes 12,000 shed plans, many of them are detailed enough to build a shed from start to finish. You are bound to find enough inspiration within those 12,000.

Lots of bonuses with no upsells: We hate upsells, and we rarely recommend a product that includes them. Ryan Shed Plans includes several bonuses with your initial purchase; Ryan doesn’t include annoying, costly upsells that make you buy more if you want those added bonuses.

The Cons

Yes, Ryan Shed Plans has some good things about it, but there are also several negatives that may negate the purchase altogether.

The never-ending video: Do not bother watching Ryan’s video. The website has what seems to be a never-ending video with a claim at the outset that, if you watch it to the end, a secret will be revealed that woodworking publishers ‘do not want you to know.’ So we were game. We watched this video for well over 20 minutes. It went on and on and on, saying the same things over and over just in different words. In that 20 or 25 minutes, it never did get to that ‘revealing secret’ part. So, we finally just had to give up on it. For all we know, the video really does never end and some of our staff are still watching it! (Just kidding.)

Unclear if product comes on DVD: Frankly, we couldn’t tell if the product is available on DVDs or not. The website definitely states the product is downloadable, but the pictures clearly show DVDs that contain the ‘RyanShedPlans’ logo on them. The problem with this is that the site does not state anything about the product being available on DVD. We also did not see any availability of such when buying the product.

Ridiculous claims: One of Mr. Henderson’s claims for this product is that once an expert explains how to do this in easily-understood language, building a shed is ‘almost as easy as eating lunch.’ We find this to be a rather ridiculous claim. Another claim is that such information—the original purchase plus the bonuses—normally would cost nearly a thousand dollars (but you are lucky enough to buy it now for many hundreds less). Again, we find this type of claim to be totally incredulous. Our thought is, if the product is good enough, you do not need to use absurdities to get people to buy it. In other words, just sell the product and leave the baloney to the politicians.

Not all the plans are detailed: In fact, many of them are not very detailed, and some are even unclear to follow. We would have preferred that Ryan include only a few thousand plans and all of them be detailed, easy to follow, clear, precise, and include the necessary cutting and materials lists. After all, who’s going to make a few thousand sheds?!

Our Conclusions About Ryan Shed Plans

We do believe that most woodworking and shed-building enthusiasts out there can find enough solid and detailed plans within the 12,000 offered with Ryan Shed Plans. We also find the initial purchase and bonuses included to be of value to DIYers who are either beginner or intermediate woodworkers (though the master craftsmen probably won’t find it to be a satisfying product). The easy-to-follow instructions on some of the plans are satisfactory enough to be helpful in building a shed from start to finish. Plus, the fact that there is a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee certainly makes this product more buyable than if you’d be just throwing your money away.

Having said all that, we really cannot give a totally positive review of Ryan Shed Plans. Considering all the negative reviews we found of Ryan Shed Plans, there seem to be more unsatisfied customers of this product than there are satisfied ones. Of course, if you are someone who loves woodworking and wants a resource that has a wealth of information all in one place so you do not have to go searching around for it, this product should suffice.