Are you seeking a bed that offers more support? Or are you in the market for one that provides cooling and comfort? Perhaps you’re just after something that’s clean and efficient? That is what Sleep Choices brings to the bedroom with their Snuz mattress. Sleep Choices founders Philip Shen and Leo Echeverria tout 50 years in the mattress industry. Their memory foam mattress, is claimed to be the first of its kind with seven zones of ergonomic comfort in a 10 inch deep bundle of sweet dreams. These ripples and waves carved into the bedding itself should leave you cool, relaxed, and well-rested in the morning. Though, you may be asking yourself, “Does it really?”

The Snuz mattress is for you if:

  • You are looking for peace of mind. Backed by a 100 night trial and 10 year warranty, it is a strong competitor for the bed-in-a-box market. With a break-in time of 3 to 5 weeks, many sleepers will know whether the Snuz is right for them within the 100 night window. And for those who are satisfied with their bed, they can rest easy knowing that they’re covered for the next decade with the limited warranty.
  • You want to keep it simple. Purchase, delivery, and setup is quick and easy. The product is never more than a few clicks away from purchase, delivery can take less than two weeks, and setup can be completed in mere minutes. The entire process can be completed without leaving the comfort of one’s home. The Snuz introductory process is as an excellent example of how efficient as modern mattress purchases should be. A notion that many other dealers, online or otherwise, are quickly figuring out for themselves.
  • You are looking for something that is no muss, no fuss. Cleanup and care is a breeze thanks to the zippered cover and the canals formed in to the top-most layer. The jacket can be easily removed and cleaned, patched up, or even replaced as the need arises and put back on with a zip. And the mattress itself can be rotated regularly without fear of impacting sleep due to the uniformity of its design. The mattress is symmetrical vertically and horizontally in a manner that makes such tasks as breeze.
  • You want something different. With its 7-zones of comfort, and graphite infused foam it offers unique features that its competition does not. It provides excellent support for side and back sleepers, though not as much for those who sleep on their stomachs or those on the heavier end of the scale.

The Snuz Mattress may not be for you if:

  • You are looking for something a bit more affordable. With the Twin mattress starting at $650, the Snuz is not the most affordable mattress on the market if you’re not picky about what you sleep on. While it is a good value at its price point for those looking to forego the time and effort of visiting stores and comparing, for those a bit more cash strapped, this may not be the option for them.
  • You want something that’s been around the block. The Snuz mattress has been around for less than one-fifth of their ten year warranty. For those that want to know whether or not the bed holds up over time, there simply may not be enough information out there to warrant the leap. There are many glowing reviews surrounding the mattress, and a plethora of good news spread about on their website, but that may not be concrete enough to assuage you if you are having doubts.
  • You are on the heavier end of the spectrum. While it does offer ten inches of material altogether, the six inches of high-density foam may not be supportive enough for active, heavy sleepers. Those who shift positions or put a great deal of pressure on their shoulders, elbows, or hips, may find a greater deal of discomfort on this mattress than those who fall on the lighter end of the spectrum.

The Materials – Beneath the Sheets

Snuz Mattress ReviewAt the front of this foam block is a 2” thick polyurethane layer. It is divided up into seven regions which are defined by their landscapes. The first, third, fifth, and seventh spaces feature a solid, smooth design that promotes support for the sleeper where Sleep Choices designers think you’ll need it most. While the second, fourth, and sixth areas feature horizontal canals running from edge to edge for pressure relief in key areas of the body such as the shoulders and hips. Together, these zones are meant to support the natural contours of your body regardless of its orientation. This layer is immediately noticeable with or without the cover due to its unique structure and the role that it plays in the sleeping experience.

Below the first channeled layer is a graphite infused memory foam, labeled and marketed as charcoal infused on the main page and store. It provides moisture wicking and odor reduction qualities. These properties are particularly noticeable when the mattress is first opened and tested. In spite of the plastic and polyurethane, there is very little off-gassing that arises from the mattress itself. Beyond its odor reduction qualities, this two inch thick foam layer further cools and supports the sleeper.

Sitting at the bottom is the bulk of the bed, beneath the channels and charcoal. Six inches of high density foam provides the majority of support and structure for the mattress. It is the thickest, most resilient portion of the Snuz. Serving as the foundation upon which the seven zones of ergonomic comfort are built. This layer is responsible for keeping the shape, firmness, and rigidity of the bed to the standards you’d expect. Providing a very nice bounce when pressed upon, allowing for easy adjustments from side to side when sleeping. It responds quickly, conforming and readjusting to suit almost everyone.

Binding all of these layers together is a clean, white zippered cover emblazoned with many stars and clouds. Upon further inspection, these many blue clouds are the company logo arranged in a modern, stylish fashion. The fabric is a woven rayon and polyester, stretch-knit and breathable for comfort and durability. It provides a further cooling effect and has anti-microbial properties. It can be removed for easy cleaning, repair, or replacement.

All foams used in the Snuz are reportedly CertiPUR-US certified to be free of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers, heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde, and harmful chemicals or carcinogens.

Firmness & Support – On Cloud Nine

At first blush, the mattress comes off as nice and supple thanks to the poly layer with its many channels that adjust and conform. Once you press past that initial layer into the remaining eight inches of bedding, the bed becomes much firmer, supportive, and dense. This is common in most memory foam mattresses containing some variation of high-density foam at its core for support or structure. Due to their firmness, the mattress remains medium-firm in spite of its responsive top end. This helps keep the bed comfortable for the broadest range of sleepers with variations in their positions, heights, and weights. Alleviating back pain, side pain, and general discomfort that might come from less suitable sleeping arrangements.

With the unique structure three layer, seven zone structure, the support is two-fold. In the striations that run through zones 2, 4, and 6 there is supportive relief for the shoulders, hips, and legs. While in zones 1, 3, 5, 7, and below, there is a gentle density that keeps away that sinking feeling or notions that you might get stuck. Reacting quickly, but conforming well for all but the heaviest snoozers. With ten inches of foam to sink through, there is more than enough foam to support the roughest, toughest people. Those who typically toss and turn, those who throw themselves on their beds at the end of a long day, and even those who sit on the edges to an extent. The Snuz can support all of these styles of sleep and relaxation without missing a sheep.

Transference – The Right Side of the Bed

If you are in a household with pets, children, or spouses who might otherwise disturb the relative peace of your nap or siesta, you’re bound to wonder how much does the bed move? If someone jumps up and down on one side while I lay on the other, will I feel it? What if my partner gets up before I do? Will they wake me? Fortunately, you’ll be glad to hear that there is little to no transference of motion on the mattress as is common with similar foam style beds. The polymer layer and canals disperse energy throughout the layers to keep others sleeping soundly in even the most rigorous of situations. The foam depresses and contours around the sources of impact, rippling out mere inches away from their origin before settling down shortly thereafter. This makes it ideal for situations where you might expect a bit of roughhousing, constant adjustment, or difference in schedules.

Edge Stability – The Silver Lining

Once you exit the safe margins of the bed for the last few inches of space, the foam begins to quickly sag and deform. The edge support is typical and weak at its outermost borders. There are no reinforced edges or rods or springs to hold up the full weight of a person more than three to four inches out. As you sit, it quickly begins to crumple around your legs and adjust to the weight as best it can, focused on its weakest point. If you scoot inward, the bed seemingly rebuilds itself at a rapid pace and more adequately supports you as it would on the regular sleeping surface. This is not an uncommon occurrence with other 10” foam mattresses and is to be expected.

Additional Facts and Figures – All The Trimmings

There are six sizes of mattresses ranging from Twin (39Wx75Lx10H) to California King (72Wx84Lx10H).

The prices are as follows:

  • $650USD Twin
  • $690USD Twin XL
  • $750USD Full
  • $850USD Queen
  • $950USD King
  • $950USD California King

There are frequently coupons and promotions being run by or through the main Snuz website which can help improve savings. There are also payment plans offered at 0% APR through a partnership with Klarna, a Swedish banking entity.

All Snuz Mattresses are made in the United States of America and come with free shipping, usually within 5 to 7 business days of shipment. The mattress is delivered roll-packed to the door. Setup of the bed is as simple as opening the box, removing the packaged roll, slitting the plastic across the face of the mattress, and unrolling the package. From there, a few more straight cuts can be made to remove the bed from its bag and it can be immediately set upon the foundation of the buyer’s choice. Whether it is a boxspring, a platform frame, wooden slats, or a floor. After just a few hours, the bed will settle into its full size and be ready for a full night’s rest.

There is a 100 night trial offered on the Snuz mattress. Once the bed arrives, you have one-hundred nights to decide whether or not it is the bed for you, and if it is not, you simply contact the manufacturer and they will send someone to collect the bed and shortly thereafter return your payment to you. Beyond that, there is a 10 year limited warranty for any accidents or situations that might arise beyond the first three months of use.

It is recommended that three to five weeks be given to break-in the mattress properly. While the bed is ready for use within hours of being set up, or even right away, the bed itself will not be fully adjusted to your body and sleeping habits for at least one month.

Sleep Choices plan to release a coil and foam mattress in addition to their memory foam mattress later in 2018.


With all of that said, The Snuz mattress is a very well-rounded product. For those looking to forego the time and effort of visiting various mattress stores to compare beds and prices or that already have a foundation and are just looking for a change of mattress, this could be an excellent value. If you’re a new buyer or someone looking to liven things up a little, the Snuz may just be for you. Come take a cruise on a Snuz.