Speak to Spark Arousal is a course created by Jessica J. to help men attract a wider selection of women. At times, men find it difficult to know the right methods when approaching ladies. Since this is coming from the perspective of a woman, men may find this to be a better bet.

It can sometimes be hard for men to spark up a conversation. Whether you are shy or just not so schooled when it comes to finding the right words, Speak to Spark Arousal can help you out! It was designed by women and geared towards helping men with women. What could be more useful? If you are looking to expand your sensual social skills, this may be the course for you!

Who is Jessica J?

Jessica J. is a well-known dating coach in the Los Angeles area. She has gained popularity by owning one of the most successful women’s dating sites in that area. She has ghost-written for a popular sex advice website.

She also has a background as a marriage and relationship counselor, a family therapist and a blogger for single women. She is open about the sex lives of men and women as well as how to improve them.

She also had a gig on Playboy Radio which was focused around helping men land more women. This led to her taking up this subject as her niche of expertise. She’s been helping guys who are typically not as successful with women for a while now.

She’s a bit of a risqué subject connoisseur and isn’t afraid to get down to the primal basics of our sensual nature. Coming from a woman, it can be pleasantly helpful for a man to get tips and tricks to enhance their love lives. Jessica J. is not afraid to be open about what women want.

What Does the Course Teach?

In the course, Jessica goes into the basic fundamentals of what makes a woman tick. She tries to explain what most women have a hard time pinning down- what attracts them to a man.

While it may seem easy in theory for a woman to know that, sometimes when faced with the question, it is difficult to summarize. What makes a woman drawn to a man? Confidence? Humor? Intellectual conversation?

Jessica says all of the above. She explains the importance of your demeanor and how you come across. Women are not impressed by nervousness, over-kill or jumbled conversation. There is nothing that turns a woman off faster than a man who is taking a long way around.

She teaches you how to pick up on flaws in your own design when it comes to talking to a woman. Notice if you are being too much or too little. She encourages you to hone in on your natural traits and make them work for you.

Being authentic, direct, and honest about your intent are topics she discusses on amplifying in your interactions. The more natural it becomes for you to present yourself this way, the more you will see results in your social life.

Jessica’s ‘Dog or Wolf’ Analogy

Jessica came up with a pretty smart analogy of the two types of male behaviors approaching women. She says there are wolves and there are dogs.

Wolves are the confident, charismatic men who know exactly how to get what they want. Dogs are the more submissive, less emotionally striking men. In her terms, dogs wait around waiting to be fed while wolves know how to eat. Spicy enough?

She explains that women respond very well to direct, open intention. If you want to have a rendezvous with a stranger without strings involved, the best approach is to be as blatant as possible.

Jessica says that when you take on this approach, women respond to this because it is straightforward and confident. Whereas, if you are stumbling around or not being forward, you can miss an opportunity. Women will not take you seriously and therefore will not be interested.

She tells men to really divulge in their sexual appetite for women and to not try to hide that. Women find this appealing, as sensual creatures themselves.

Basically, you need to take charge and indulge your masculinity. Do not give women time to wonder whether they are interested. Act as though they already are. This will give you access to women who have the same intentions so you both can consensually treat yourselves.

How Women Respond to Communication

In Speak to Spark arousal, Jessica touches heavily on the common mistakes men are making when talking to women. She tells of how certain steps to improve the way you communicate to keep them interested. She tells you the what-to-dos and what-not-to-dos in your social interactions and gives you tips on how not to blow it.

She gives a method she refers to as the Trusty Triangle. This gets you to keep into perspective how you are interacting with women to keep you on a steady track. While it is nothing shocking or out of the ordinary, it is a good reminder on how to stay on task without losing yourself.

She discusses how a man can go into what she refers to as “21-question mode”. This is when you lose yourself to too much chitter-chatter and are not being direct. This is unnecessary and she goes on to tell how this can be a turn off to many women.

She highlights the importance of being socially engaging rather than robotic. If you come into a social encounter with memorized lines, you can come across and non-genuine and bothersome. But if you come into it with fresh and interesting perspectives, you can make a much better impression.

While there is nothing soul-shocking or no tip that is revolutionary, they are extremely useful. Particularly pertaining to men who display nervousness or timid nature around the opposite. It can give a nice peek into things from the mind of the woman.

How You Should Interact with Women

Once you have successfully engaged in conversation, this is when it is time to open up flirtatiously. She explains that because of the communicative aspect, women may get confused as to what your intentions are. Being playful helps to send the right signals so that they don’t blow you off.

Let’s face it, when you are trying to score, no guy wants to be friend-zoned. However, if you aren’t careful with just how flirty you are, you can come across in a creepy manner and then become unappealing to the woman.

Because there is a fine balance here, she gives some insightful techniques to implement. There are three major key points followed by steps for both beginners and intermediates alike. This can serve as a guideline to keep you on the right track mentally.

She explains how too much sexual inflection can come across as overbearing and a total turn off. In the same regard, too little can shove you right into just another casual conversation followed by a cold shoulder.

There is an exercise where she gives you ten practice lines from fictitious women so that you can come up with a response in applying what you learned. This is a way to see if you grasp the concept. There is no way to validate whether your responses are relevant, but it does give you some practice to help you feel more confident.

Afterward, you can take what you learned and apply it to real-life situations.

How to Apply the Course to Life

Jessica does lend some helpful examples so you can get a good understanding of how her system works.

Since men are notoriously bad with communication, this is what seems to be the sexual barrier between men and potential mates. She tries to advocate having a very natural approach in conversation and how to stay alert.

Essentially, she talks all about balance. How to be engaging, but not overly so. How to be flirtatious without going overboard. How to not come across and jittery or nervous, even if you are feeling less than confident on the inside.

It is a great beginner guide to lead men to recognize small behaviors that may be preventing them from landing more women. This can help them to redirect their approach to slowly improve on their conversational and physical forms of communication.

In a world where women are an enigma to men, Jessica tries as simplistically as possible to advise on how to better understand. She encourages utilizing your natural personality rather than trying to appeal to women by coming across as someone you aren’t.

In short, again, be clear in your intentions and be unapologetically yourself. This, as explained, will reap the best rewards.

Bonus Features

In addition to the main course, Jessica also adds in some bonus features with the package. They are What to Say Next, Friend Zone Escape Hatch and Natural Conversation Starters. Each explains a different element to your connections.

Natural Conversation Starters banks off the main course foundation. It gives you some tips on what to say in various social settings. This way, no matter if someone catches your eye in a bar or somewhere standard like a fast food joint, you can spark up a conversation.

Friend Zone Escape Hatch explores how to turn your interest from platonic to sexual. She explains that while this may not be successful and can even pose the risk of losing that person completely- if it doesn’t work- nothing will. So, if you have a lady friend that you see as a vixen and she sees you as her best buddy, you may want to turn the volume up on that. If she ever plans to see you in another light, this is the way to go!

What to Say Next does pretty much what it implies- it teaches you where to take the conversation. It provides a flowchart as well as a 20-minute audio training tool. This can help when you hit the wall in conversation to keep the momentum going.

While much of these tips and tricks are included in the main course, it does help to see each component expanded on a bit more to keep it fresh in your mind.

The Verdict

Speak to Spark Arousal is a great resource for guys who are not so good with the ladies. It gives a detailed series of steps that may not be totally original but is helpful. It gives a lot of good insight, particularly coming from a woman’s perspective that can guide you.

Because it is compiled in one place, it helps you to see what you may be doing wrong and what you can be doing better. If you are in a rut of not being super successful with women, Jessica can help you to be your best self to find more dates! Just remember, you can be given the tools but only you can make it happen!