Supplies Outlet Coupon Code – June 2019 is a retail location online where you will find a vast range of remanufactured and name-brand compatible printer cartridges that you can use for your home or office. With over three decades worth of experience with computer supplies and accessories sales at great prices, they make for a nice one-stop shopping portal for consumers, businesses, and schools.

If you take a look at a lot of the other reviews that are left online, the consensus is generally positive with a lot of the people who have purchased products from them in the past. Reviews – Great Prices, Great Quality

Many satisfied customers that have left favorable ratings on the various products that they have purchased. The items are of great quality, and all of the pricing is much lower than any of the other outlets that you will find online today. Whether you are buying a whole set of ink cartridges, or you are looking for a single package, you are going to find the lowest price possible when trying to compare with the other major office supplies retailers that are offering the same products. In many cases, you will be able to find multiples of a product for the same price that you would have to pay elsewhere for just one name-brand product.

The products that you will see on Supplies Outlet will come in at pricing that is less than roughly a quarter of the prices that you will find in both United States and Canadian stores. This makes it a convenient option for many shoppers that are looking for fair pricing, even if the consumer lives outside of the United States.

There is something very satisfying about being able to find low, low prices on the same items that you would find for full price on competitor websites, and this is what you will find at Supplies Outlet. In addition to the low pricing, you will also see that the 100% product quality guarantee. The replacement cartridges available on their site are also not going to void printer warranties that the consumer may have.

All of the products they sell at Supplies Outlet Coupon & Reviews are well-liked by consumers, especially when it comes to the toner selection. When purchasing toner to go with a laser printer, customers enjoy crisp, clear prints that come out to be the same quality whether they print on high-test glossy paper or the cheaper printer paper. Not only are the prices low to begin with, but there are regular discount coupons that allow customers to save even more money for each purchase.

While it may seem to be a bit risky for some consumers to purchase ink and toner cartridges that have been remanufactured, the general agreement is that they are no different than the brand new, brand name cartridges that you will get from all of the big box supply stores at full price. You can get the same quality and function while only paying just a third of the price elsewhere.

Lightning Fast Shipping

Another element of Supplies Outlet is that the ordering process is streamlined, painless, quick and easy. Once you place your order, the shipping is also incredibly fast, which makes it nice for anyone who runs out of ink and toner at the last minute and they cannot afford to be without it for long. The shipping time is roughly three days via USPS Ground and packages have been reported to arrive on time by the majority of customers that have left reviews. Some are even able to get their orders a full day before the quoted delivery time.

If you are wondering where your shipment is, you also receive tracking information so that you can see a solid timeline of when you can expect your package to arrive. Once the shipment does arrive, you will find it to be organized and neatly packaged to ensure quality delivery of products that the consumer can use right out of the box. Any orders that are over $99 will receive free shipping, which is another perk that brings customers back to the website time and again for each new purchase.

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World-Class Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, you want to have a great experience. Supplies Outlet Coupon & Reviews has informative, fast and friendly customer service representatives that will work with you to give you answers and address any of the concerns that you may have. All of the representatives are glad to talk the customers through various problem-solving and troubleshooting issues, including error messages after installation or the ink and toner cartridges not fitting properly. While there seems to be a slight issue when a product needs to be returned to get a refund, being that there are several emails required in the process, this is just a bump in the road and buyers do get the refund they deserve.

Once a customer has a problem, the customer service team is quick to respond, which can either be through email or over the phone to show that the company cares about the consumer. Problems are resolved quickly whether there is a slightly defective order that may include a leak or another small flaw. Whenever this happens, the company will gladly send out a new cartridge as soon as possible.

What About Negative Reviews?

While the majority of clients have had a great experience while working with Supplies Outlet Coupon & Reviews, there are negative reviewers out there stating that they were disappointed in shipping and minor issues with the products that they received. Some of the consumers have had issues with the cartridges not fitting correctly in their printers, while others have gotten their cartridges and notices leaking, defects, and a life span that was a bit shorter than they had expected. The problem here seems to be that the company will use generic boxes that help to explain why the packages could be mislabeled or not up to par.

Some buyers are not getting a notification when their package is being shipped out, which can be a hassle if you are someone who loves to have a shipping notification to track your package. While many enjoy the fast shipping and turnaround, there are spatterings of customers who have had their shipping take longer than the traditional three days.

Isolated issues include a customer never getting a shipping notification who waited over a week for the product that never arrived. Upon contacting customer service, they learned that there was an issue with the product that they ordered being out of stock and they were not informed.

There are also reviewers who have noted that their packages arrived with missing components, including some customers that had ordered a set of ten cartridges and only received a partial order of six. However, the customer service team will work with any customers who have such issues to quickly remedy the problem to send the remainder out as soon as possible.

Some customers have made complaints that once they place an order and it is delivered, they are bombarded with multiple emails frequently hitting their inbox that seems to border on being spam-like.

The company claims that all of the cartridges that they offer for customers are fully engineered to either meet or exceed the quality of the original brands, yet there are some negative reviewers who say this is misleading. Some prefer to spend more money on a brand new, name brand product than taking the chance that the cartridges they get will not fit properly.

Will Supplies Outlet Be Worth It?

The majority of the customer comments, testimonials and reviews are positive in nature, and there are very few in the way of negative comments when you look at the broad spectrum of what is out there. With tens of thousands of reviews, having most of them be positive is surely a plus that shows you this is a company that seems to be doing a great job with supplying customers with quality products at low prices.

This is a company that is not only successful with their sales, but the shipping is good, the prices help the customers to save a decent amount of money that can be put toward other things for their home or business, and the customer service team is friendly and professional. Not only will the customer service representatives be available to go over problems with an order or shipping and tracking, but they can be a solid resource for any consumer that seems to have a problem and needs to troubleshoot the installation of the cartridge into their printer.

International shipping is also available, however, you will have to contact the company to get a quote on the pricing for your intended destination. The majority of orders within the contiguous United States that are $99 and over will enjoy free shipping, while those that are under that amount will only be tacked with a flat-rate of $7.99. Overall, the shipping process is fast, efficient and you can get the tracking that you need to have a window as to where your package is.

To make shopping with Supplies Outlet Coupon & Reviews even more attractive, all of the premium cartridges that they offer on their site come with a full lifetime performance warranty. This is much different than what the competitors offer in just a one year or less guarantee.

You have the ability to get incredible deals on bulk ink purchases, and with all of the items being guaranteed and at a lower price than the competition, you have little to worry about. When you are in need of fair pricing on your ink and toner needs for the home or the office, Supplies Outlet Coupon & Reviews is a great option that will save you time, money and hassle.

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