Michael Fiore has fifteen years of experience as a dating and relationship coach. He teaches people communication skills. He has been featured on numerous radio and television programs including Fox News, CBS Radio and Rachael Ray. He is based out of Seattle, Washington. In addition to writing Text Your Ex Back, he has also written other books and texting series.

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The Intentions of Text Your Ex Back Program

The book contains a set of videos, audio files and modules created by the author. This guide will teach you how to understand relationships, enhance the trust and love in your relationship, avoid any potential issues and improve your odds of successfully reuniting with your ex. You will learn how to add an entirely new spark to your relationship.

As a relationship expert, the author understands what people are generally thinking after their relationship breaks up. He knows what they really want including what their reaction would be if their ex offered a new proposal. In addition to offering a collection of special texts to trigger the feelings of your ex, there is also a step by step guide for making your relationship fiercer and stronger than it ever was.

The program is downloadable with modules, videos and audios you can listen to, watch and read at any time. This program has proven successful for many couples across the globe. Before you consider using this program, you must be certain your ex is worth it and that you want them to be a part of your life. You need to ask yourself if your ex can make you happy, if they truly care and if a relationship benefits both of you.

The First Five Enticing Modules

Module One: This is an introduction to Text Your Ex Back.

Module Two – The Dumper and the Dumped: This module will help you understand the reasons behind your breakup. This is critical for getting your ex back. Your understanding is the basis for the texts you will send to get into the mind of your ex to get them back. This is an excellent module since most people do not reveal their real reasons for breaking up.

Michael Fiore discusses all of the possible scenarios so you can determine the reasons you broke up and what you need to say to reestablish your relationship. This module is also effective if you dumped your ex and regretted it later. There is a worksheet ideal for your situation. The author explains all of the possible reasons couples break up and what they meant as opposed to what they actually said.

Text Your Ex Back covers numerous situations including one of you cheating and the reasons it may have happened. The author has a way of understanding and explaining the different mentalities of women and men.

Module Three – The Big Goal: This module enables you to be honest about the reasons you want to get your ex back. Even if you believe the only reason is the love you have for your ex, the author shows you how to be more specific and honest. You may want children with parents who get along well or enjoy being looked after. Understanding the real reasons you want to get your ex back is critical for your success.

This module is exceptionally easy to understand. The author enables you to visualize how you would want your relationship to be if the world were perfect. He provides numerous examples for inspiration. This will help you begin to understand what must be changed for your new relationship with your partner to be even better and much stronger.

The author provides encouragement for you to determine your ultimate goal for your relationship. This may be having getting married, having children, traveling together or simply growing old as a couple.

Module Four – Flight Check: This is where you find out if you are mentally ready to begin sending your ex texts. The author will help prevent you from sending the wrong type of message. He explains precisely what should and should not be said. Text Your Ex Back even covers what to do if you send the wrong kind of text.

You will learn how to access both practical and psychological techniques so you can begin to feel good about you are. This should make your ex want to get back together. Michael Fiore offers wise and practical advice in addition to some important mental exercises. This is incredibly important for every individual who has experienced a breakup.

Following the steps provided will increase your self-esteem so you feel better. The author uses his personal knowledge and experiences in this module as a relationship coach. He includes the feedback provided by numerous individuals who have used his program. This is the second version of Text Your Ex Back. This enabled the author to include his own experiences to improve the original program.

Module Five – Text Judo: This module is for your mutual benefit and welfare with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. The way the author weaves the texts together is intriguing because it sets up a powerful but subtle groundwork to get back your ex. Michael Fiore explains all of the steps you encounter while texting. This begins with contact using a simple text.

You will progress to the intimacy booster texts. This will relight the flame of desire, create emotional honesty and conquer the biggest goal of all. This is a real-life connection to get you back together again. You will think about then write down your special connections, experiences, positive things and best moments concerning your relationship.

A step by step guide is provided by the author with excellent questions and a lot of examples to make the process easy. This is where some of the content for the texts you will be sending is created.

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The Wisdom of Modules Six through Eleven

Module Six – Across the Bow: This is an exciting module because you will determine your plan of attack. You will have the specific information for texting your ex including when and how. There is an outline explaining the type of content you are most likely to have with your ex during the next month. You will be provided with formulas for creating clever and casual texts.

You will be able to make contact without appearing needy or desperate. You will subtly be reminding your ex of the positives in your relationship. This module provides you with step-by-step instructions that are not only strategic and clever but extremely easy to follow. You will be given formulas and examples of what you should text. You will know how to respond based on the response of your ex.

Text Your Ex Back offers you a system incorporating the fact everyone is different. Your texts will be chosen according to the response you receive and the way you normally speak with your partner. You will be shown the best way to accomplish this. This makes certain you do not sound like a strange robot simply sending prewritten texts.

Module Seven – Prepping the Soil: This is when you will be using emotions to pull back your ex. This is where Text Your Ex Back teaches you the subtlety of the use of emotional languages in your texts. The author explains how to increase your intensity and emotional connection. There are some excellent texts included triggering strong associations in your ex’s mind without being cruel.

You will be setting the scene to begin your next texting stage. There will be step-by-step instructions just like before so you know how to respond and what to say to your ex in the best possible way.

Module Eight – The Green-Eyed Monster: The secret of a good relationship is a strong sexual attraction. You will be shown exactly how to fan the flames in this module. The topic of jealousy has always been controversial. When you use jealousy in the correct way, it is an extremely powerful weapon to make your ex long for you all over again. If used incorrectly, jealousy is incredibly destructive.

The flame of desire generally increases when you realize there is someone else who wants your ex. This is true even in the healthiest of relationships. This is a healthy jealousy that causes you to remember what started your initial attraction while enabling you to forget about familiarity. The author explains exactly how to use this power to bring your ex back.

You will be provided with proven and powerful examples including the feedback offered from those who have already used the program. This is included in the comments section.

Module Nine – Planting the Seeds: This is one of the shortest modules in Text Back Your Ex. You will establish a deep, emotional connection with your ex. You will show them no matter what happens you will be there for them. If you are experiencing difficult times, this module will give you a lot of help.

Module Ten – Reaping the Harvest: As long as you have been following the steps correctly, you will be much closer to reuniting with your ex. Everything will start to become honest and powerful. This module includes different sections as described below.

  • Emotional Honesty: Sometimes couples break up due to a lack of honest communication.
  • Attraction Texts: You will be using what you learned in the other modules to send incredibly powerful texts. In addition to bringing back your previous attraction, new feelings will be fueled as well. Your texts will become more explicit so you can create powerful scenarios and images in your ex’s mind.
  • Virtual to Physical: If your ex is being receptive and you have followed Text Back Your Ex correctly, you will now be able to have physical contact with your ex and start dating. The author will provide guidance for this entire stage.

Module Eleven – Texting Steady: This module will show you exactly how to keep your partner.

At this stage, you and your ex will be intimate again. To ensure you have a strong foundation and your relationship will last, you need to keep everything going. The last module will show you what happens next, how to keep texting properly and strengthen your communication. The author makes certain you have learned everything you need to know to keep your new relationship healthy and strong.

You will both be thriving and happy now. You will see a lot of comments from people who have used the program and those still in progress including plenty of success stories. Reading these stories will provide encouragement and make you feel powerful.

The Last Word

If you are willing to follow the steps the author provides for you, there is an excellent chance you will be able to reunite with your ex. The old cliche about it being just as important to love yourself as it is to love others is true. This program will help you in this area as well.

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The bottom line is if you are willing to put in the effort to get your ex back, Text Back Your Ex will give you the tools you need for the best possible chance. You will learn how to get back your partner to create a better, happier and stronger relationship than you had before.