Basic Information About the Credit People

According to The Credit People and the information posted on the company website, professional credit repair involves ensuring that credit reporting agencies are producing accurate credit reports for consumers. It takes determining whether or not each individual credit report contains only information that it should legally reveal. It also entails acting to restore a consumer’s credit report and score to its highest honest potential, then ensuring that this report is adequately optimized for generating the highest legitimate credit score.

As a well-known and active credit repair service today, this company states that its trained and experienced staff members assist thousands of individuals every month in making significant improvements to their credit reports and scores while removing visible and hidden errors from these reports.

The Credit People Review

This company proposes to review a customer’s credit report thoroughly to determine what needs fixing, eliminating or improvement and then taking measures to raise the credit score while actively disputing any entries on the report that are debatable or remaining on the credit report longer than they should. Although you, as the customer, could actually undertake this credit report analysis and repair work on your own, it would most likely require a great deal of your time, energy and patience.

Because of its stated exemplary record of expertise and success in the field of credit repair, this company offers to undertake this important job for you. Especially when the majority of consumers today are reminded of the necessity of knowing all the legalities surrounding credit reporting and updating by creditors and credit bureaus, they decide to hire a company like this one to handle this daunting task for them.

Consumers are then invited and encouraged by this popular credit repair business, in the company’s website postings, to get started by registering and paying the trial setup fee of just $19 to begin credit repair services. New customers who like the services offered will then be charged $69 per month to continue services. Anyone who is dissatisfied can cancel within the initial 7-day trial period.

These continuing customers are invited to “pay as they go,” with the option of canceling credit repair services at any time, if they like. Another option is to pay $299 for a full six month’s service plan. The company guarantees full services, without any extra costs or hidden fees. The company then pledges to perform a complete credit report evaluation for each customer, develop an active strategy for repairing credit reports and ratings and to continue work until credit repair is fully completed.

The company also guarantees that its experts will proactively challenge and eliminate all questionable entries from customer credit reports to improve scores. Services that are included in the overall credit repair process are to include removing from a customer credit record such damaging items as late payments history, identity theft, bankruptcies, collections, judgments, repossessions and inquiries.

This promotional material goes on to explain that, since the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) went into effect, credit repair services have been allowed to legally access customer credit reports and work on correcting what data appears to be invalid or unfair to significantly improve credit ratings. This company’s promotion then claims that this service is the one that is the best prepared to repair your credit as a new client and successfully raise your credit score and help you attain good and even excellent ratings.

Evaluation from Credit Repair Industry Experts

AAA Credit Guide

According to the AAA Credit Guide, organized and run by consumers with valuable knowledge concerning the credit repair industry, this credit reinstatement company offers the public excellent credit repair services. Members of this group are in favor of the different payment arrangements available to consumers who engage the services of this enterprise to resolve their credit problems and restore good ratings. This well-known company offers both a reasonable, affordable monthly rate of $69 and a flat fee for six months of membership and benefits that equals $299.

For this plan costing $299, there are no setup fees and it covers all work done for you for a full six months. There are no ongoing monthly commitments. This arrangement comes with a six-month satisfaction guarantee that offers new members a refund after the first six months if they experience dissatisfaction with this credit repair service. This credit refurbishment company wins additional approval from this group from its policy of obtaining initial credit reports and scores for new customers, free of charge. These perks can be especially helpful to seniors and students who often receive periodic funding in a lump sum and may not have regular monthly incomes for paying bills.

Best Company

Best Company has completed an extensive evaluation and rating process for The Credit People and its credit repair services. Best has devised its own unique Ranking Criteria™, which its analysts combine with real-time consumer reviews to evaluate companies. Results of user review moderation and professional scoring techniques are finalized to obtain company rankings.

Best Company evaluations have revealed the following evaluative results for their examination of services provided by this credit repair business:

Positive Features

This popular credit repair company secures three credit reports and accompanying credit scores for clients from the major credit bureaus, free of charge, and ultimately helps these clients gain the largest possible increase in credit scores during and after the credit repair process. Additional positive, supportive features included in their services include the following:

  • Low Pricing for Credit Repair. – This credit repair company offers client services at much lower rates than the fees charged by the majority of its competitors. This company also offers all new customers a free credit consultation.
  • No Extra or Hidden Fees for Services. – The website for this company includes clear, concise pricing details for all credit repair services. As stated on the site, there are absolutely no hidden costs or extra fees to pay for full services.
  • Multiple Valuable Member Resources. – All clients of this major credit repair service are given 24-hour access to their online accounts. The company website also includes a “Frequently Asked Questions” page with detailed answers, a company blog and additional educational material relative to credit repair and good credit maintenance as well as consumer loan and credit card information and other funding products.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. – These credit reinstatement specialists offer all plan members a 60-day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for their services. All customers have the option of canceling their monthly memberships at any time. The company website content states that clients will never pay for any services they are not pleased with.
  • Negative Conclusions

Best gives an overall performance score to this company’s programs and services of 5.4; however, the customer rating for this credit repair company is 4.6. Although this company performs the credit repair process for customers with very little if any client participation once the necessary data is collected, there may be some definite drawbacks to using this service, such as:

  • Trial Case Setup Period Only. – While it is true that this credit repair business does offer a 7-day trial period for case setup, it does not offer a free trial period for actual use of the services offered, as some competing companies do offer.
  • Limited Package Options. – The credit repair and reinstatement programs offered by this company do not include premium packages or different levels of services that new customers can choose from when starting their beginning client memberships. Since different credit issues may require different degrees of repair, this may be a hindrance to the ideal service needs of some customers. When they select this credit repair group to work with, these customers must accept a “one size fits all” approach to services.
  • Payment Options. – This credit repair company does not use the “pay-per-deletion” option for pricing. Instead, this business offers its clients the choice of monthly payments for services or the six-month payment agreement.

Customer Ratings and Evaluations

Although Best Company gives this credit repair company a rating of 5.4 for its overall services and performance, Best reports a customer rating for this company of 4.6. Customer comments and evaluations of services as reported by the Better Business Bureau and other similar websites range from very satisfied to dissatisfied, with varied degrees of each in between. Consumer comments from the BBB and AAA Credit Guide sites include the following:

Positive Comment: From Randy on BBB Website on 1/20/2018:

“‘I’ve been working with them and they have gotten three items removed from my credit report in three months. My credit score has gone up 40 points. I think it’s a good service if you don’t want to do the work yourself.'”¹

Positive Comment: From J.L. on AAA Credit Guide Website in 2018:

“‘Thanks for helping me with this! I knew how credit repair is supposed to work, but I’ve never had the time to do any of it on my own. With your people, the entire process was fast and professional. A++ review from me.'”²

Negative Comment: From Julian T. on BBB Website on 6/29/2017:

“‘I fell for this for 4 months nothing changed. They count on you staying for 1-4 months because they know they are not doing anything. All they do is challenge 1-3 items a time on your credit…: you can do it for free…. nothing special. 100% rip off.'”³

Reasons for Customer Approvals and Complaints Concerning The Credit People

According to the Better Business Bureau website, the positive and negative consumer comments registered concerning this credit repair company were evenly balanced. On many sites that publish consumer comments about company service, the majority of comments pro and con were about the following points:


  • This credit repair company charges fair fees for comprehensive services.
  • Negative items are removed promptly from customer credit reports.
  • Customer credit ratings during and after credit repair by the company improve by as much as 30 percent.


  • Some consumers were dissatisfied with this company’s offer of just a 7-day free service account setup period rather than a full 30-day trial period.
  • Some customers wanted faster results than they received for credit repair.

Better Business Bureau Customer Rating for This Credit Repair Company: This credit repair company is not yet accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, this company has operated successfully for 17 years now and has been awarded 2.55 out of 5 stars from the BBB based on customer reviews.

Bottom Line

The Credit People offers comprehensive, affordable credit repair services to consumers today with a 60-day, 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and no hidden or extra fees. Although some clients have reported slow removal times for negative items on credit reports, the majority of customers experience positive results within the initial 45 to 60 days of service.

Expert credit repair personnel at this experienced, professional credit reinstatement company do good work for their clients, disputing questionable or incorrect items on credit reports from the three major credit bureaus. They also work diligently to repair client credit ratings while helping their customers to become proactive in achieving and maintaining a better credit history, report and score. As an introductory benefit, all new customers of this company receive a free credit consultation.