The Ex Factor Guide was written by Brad Browning. His base is Vancouver, Canada. He is an expert on relationships, breakups and divorce. He has spent the last ten years working with couples regarding their relationships. He is also the author of Mend the Marriage. This online program helps repair and save marriages.

Brad Browning is the Senior Editor and a contributor for and He additionally has a YouTube channel. His credentials have earned him a reputation as one of the most highly trusted experts in his field. He wrote the Ex Factor Guide to help people needing answers after suffering a recent heartbreak.

The Basic Facts Regarding The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide reveals how to repair a relationship ended by your ex-girlfriend. According to Brad Browning, the steps have a ninety percent success rate when followed exactly. There will always be instances where winning back your ex is going to be impossible. You have to determine your reasons for desiring a reconciliation. This may or may not be in your best interests.

A lot of individuals turn into an emotional wreck when their relationship first falls apart because they miss the comfort and security. Your natural reaction is most likely to fix your relationship no matter what it takes. Some relationships have issues too severe to repair. Numerous men believe no potential girlfriend will ever be as good as their past love. This creates a fear leading to desperate attempts to fix everything.

It is incredibly important to take the time to determine if repairing the relationship with your ex is best for your future happiness. You must decide if the issue causing your relationship to fall apart can be repaired permanently. If not, you will probably break up again for the same reasons. If your problems concerned a third party, you need to figure out if you and your ex can re-establish trust.

For your relationship to work long-term, you must want the same things and be able to work well as a team. All of this and more must be considered before you will know if pursuing your ex is truly right for both of you.

The Juiciest Sections of the Book

The author teaches you how to use jealousy to effectively get your ex back. The author stresses not contacting your ex for 31 days to give her the opportunity to miss you. She will believe you have moved on and no longer want her. The Ex Factor Guide discusses using subtlety to let your ex know you are dating again and having a good time.

The book recommends really dating other women. If this is not something you will consider, you need to fake it. Some of the tactics in this book will require you to tell outright lies. Keep in mind, your ex may discover what you are doing to make her jealous. This will make is extremely difficult to win her back. This being said, the techniques provided will definitely provoke jealousy in your ex.

You must make your ex believe what you are doing is the truth for the techniques to be effective. Although the book will give you the knowledge to make your ex jealous, this will not result in a healthy relationship for the future. This is simply a tool to regain the interest of your ex so she sees what she is missing. This is not a solution for working out the issues that initially drove you apart.

The main focus of the Ex Factor Guide is on recapturing the attention of your ex through the use of jealousy. This is accomplished by making her believe you have other ladies in your life. You have to determine if playing mind games is something you are willing to do in order to make your relationship work. The book also advises you to text or call your ex to set up a meeting.

The idea is to make your ex so jealous she wants to meet with you, The book will teach you how to make sure your ex will want to meet with you and what to do during this meeting. Most of the advice is good. You need to present yourself in a positive light so you do not appear needy.

Brad Browning claims if you are able to get your ex in bed through the art of seduction, you have won. Depending on your ex, this does not necessarily mean you have fixed your relationship. This issue is discussed by the author. He offers advice to make your ex believe you have been seeing other women. This is intended to get your ex to bring up getting back together first.

The issue is the author does not talk about sitting down with your ex to discuss your issues, how to get past them or move forward as a couple. You will need to decide if this may be the right step for you to take. You must consider the fact if you do not resolve your issues, they may tear you apart over and over again. You also need to consider one of the most frequent complaints of most women.

The majority of women believe their partners are unable to make an emotional connection because they never learned how. Your ex may need to talk to you about your relationship. You must understand what the problems are or you will not be able to fix any of them. If you can determine what your ex really wants and why she was so unhappy, you will know if giving your relationship another chance may work.

You need to take enough time to take an objective look at your situation. According to the author, the worst mistake you can make is to allow yourself to be ruled by your emotions. If you keep calling her, talking about how badly you miss her or berate her for leaving in the first place, you will only succeed in pushing her away. These are the reasons the author insists a 31 day period to cool off is necessary.

Losing all contact with your ex may be difficult but it is required if you intend to follow the plan outlined in the book. During the time you are apart, The Ex Factor Guide recommends spending time with your friends, dating other ladies or finding a new hobby. The idea is to have fun while moving forward with your life. There are some good suggestions in the book to help you.

There are steps you can take to stop yourself from contacting or thinking about your ex. In order to be successful, you will need to use all of your willpower. The recommendation to date other ladies is good. This is because it will help you see your other options. Brad Browning says there are a lot of reasons that can result in a breakup.

Although this is definitely true, your ex-girlfriend may no longer be attracted to you. If this is the case, you are reading the right book. Almost everything the author talks about or recommends is based on a loss of attraction. He believes the original attraction can be triggered by creating jealousy. The idea is if she knows you are seeing other women the flames will be reignited and she will want you back.

Everything is based on your ex believing other women have taken an interest in what you have to offer. According to the author, when a man finds another woman attractive his woman will want him even more. If your girlfriend left you for a different reason, this may not work. A good example is if you cheated during your relationship. This is a trust issue and trying to make her jealous of other women will backfire.

If you are dealing with a trust issue, following the steps in this book will not only make everything worse, you may be destroying your chance to get back together with your ex. According to the latest studies, one of the key reasons a marriage or relationship breaks up is financial. If this was what soured your relationship, you must fix the issue as opposed to making your ex jealous.

The bottom line is you must determine the reasons your ex left before The Ex Factor Guide will be able to help you. If your ex became bored, her attraction dimmed or vanished or she craved more excitement in your relationship, the recommendations in this book are golden. If there is a different reason, you have to decide if the information in this guide is applicable to your situation.

The Sensational Bonuses

The package includes three videos with a total running time of just over seventeen minutes. The authors assistant Ricky put together the PowerPoint presentations. Each video contains (NLP) Neuro-linguistic programming exercises. This should help you get past your relationship. The videos caution you not to picture or think about your ex prior to taking you through one of the visualization techniques.

One of the most commonly known and key principles of NLP is if you are told not to think about or imagine something, this is exactly what your mind will create. This is because your mind will be unable to follow the instructions without thinking of what you were told to suppress. Unfortunately, this makes these instructions far from ideal.

Derek Lamont is the author of the Sexual Attraction bonus booklet. This is basically a good overview of the basic principles required for creating a strong attraction. If you are not familiar with these ideas, you will find this booklet interesting and useful. If you have heard these ideas before, the information is still worth skimming to refresh your memory.

One of the ideas discussed is the best way to rephrase what you are saying for a better impact. A good example is if you have a nice vehicle. Talking about your car and bragging are two completely different things. You need to talk to your ex in such a way where you reach her without appearing to brag or being smug. when this is done correctly, your ex will be more interested in what you have to say.

The last booklet was written by Mark Belmont and titled the Seven Steps to Sex Appeal. The booklet offers you some good tips for basic grooming and style. The knowledge in the booklet is fairly good. If you need to improve your style or grooming habits, you will find this booklet useful.

Final Thoughts

Although there is a lot of useful information in this book, you must be prepared to make your ex jealous. If you are not willing to manipulate or lie to your ex to get her back, The Ex Factor Guide will not work for your circumstances. If you are willing to follow the guide, your chances of getting your ex back are excellent.

The bottom line is you must figure out why your relationship fell apart before you can get your ex back. Once you understand the reasons, you will know what is applicable and what is not.