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The Futon Shop is a mattress store known for its contribution to the needs of sofa sleepers. With their products, you will convert your sofa to a bed easily to create a comfortable sleeping surface. They feature slipcovers that you can easily remove and wash. This way, you can redecorate your living area anytime you wish by changing the covers. This works perfectly whenever you want a different style for your room. You can also use the Futon cover for the bed and change it to a sofa for uniqueness. These easily convertible sofa/beds are a great way for you to save on space if you live in a small apartment.

The Futon Shop deals in a wide range of mattress classes and types for you to choose from. If you are looking to buy a traditional cotton mattress or the innerspring model, you are sorted. You will also find some of the newest finishes and styles that will work perfectly to enhance your comfort and the overall look of your room.

If you are interested in buying furniture to create a complete set, Futon Shop has you covered. You can buy footrests, tables, chairs, and many other matching furniture. For your child’s room, you can go for the Futon bunk beds that are either convertible or detachable.

Futon Mattresses

The Futon Shop ReviewsFuton Mattresses are made from natural and organic materials that are free from toxic compounds. This makes them eco-friendly and safe to use. The materials also enable you to enjoy a refreshing sleep. With over 40 years of experience, The Futon Shop manufactures some of the highest quality mattresses you will find in the market.

The manufacturer has introduced various mattress brands in the market with great padding/cushioning ideal for sitting or sleeping on. You should check out Futon Mattress if you are looking for flexibility, support, bounce, and affordability all in one product. The direction for using the detachable and convertible Futon mattresses is simple. You can also get the mattresses separately from the frame, which will help you to acquire differently styled products according to your tastes and preferences.

Types of Futon Mattresses

Foam Futon Mattress

Many people today are switching their spring mattresses for foam mattresses. To get the full benefits of foam mattresses, however, you need to make sure that you have purchased a high quality foam mattress. Memory foam creates a comfortable, supportive, and cool sleeping surface that facilitates motion isolation. The mattress will work regardless of your favorite sleeping position.

Foam mattresses have been tipped to correct the imbalanced support provided by spring mattresses. They are a great choice if you are looking for durability. However, you should know that foam mattresses cost more than the other models but you will not be breaking the bank. Moreover, the mattresses are ideal for constant users.

Spring Futon Mattresses

Although the conventional spring mattresses are slowly being replaced by memory foam types, the Futon Shop caters for users who prefer them. The metal coils used are contained on a thick layer for comfort and firmness because most people find them cozy and snugly. The mattresses are also cheaper and more affordable than other mattresses.

Most people, however, are put off by this mattress because it is heavy, which limits portability. In addition to being too heavy, the spring mattresses are hard to fold, making it difficult to convert from bed to sofa and vice versa. It is also almost impossible to mutate it to a cushiony couch futon.

Wool Filled Futon Mattresses

This is one of the most unique sleep products in the market. They are also rare and this has placed Futon at the top of the industry for its uniqueness. Unlike the cotton mattresses, wool filled futon mattresses create a warmer and softer sleep surface. They are a perfect option for people looking for style and elegance. They also serve a great purpose to people living in the coldest regions in the world due to their ability to retain heat.

Cotton Futon Mattresses

These mattresses are affordable, lightweight, and easily foldable. Although they are not as solid as foam mattresses, the cotton creates a firm sleeping surface. They are the best mattresses for people who love lying on the floor. However, they are incomparable to the spring and foam mattresses because their support and durability is low.

Other Common Futon Mattresses

If the above mattresses do not serve your purpose, you could go for the mattresses below:

  • Foam & Polyester Futon Mattresses
  • Foam/Cotton Hybrid Futon Mattresses
  • Innerspring Coil Mattresses
  • Serta Cypress Duct
  • Royal Sleep Memory Foam
  • Mozaic Full Size Gel Memory Foam
  • DHP Independently Encased Coil
  • Serta Sycamore Duct

Choosing the Best Futon Mattress

The first thing you do is understand what fillings are used to make each mattress, and how they affect its performance. As outlined above, some mattresses contain layers of wool, cotton, foam, or spring coils. The second thing is to consider the space of your room and to determine the size of the mattress you want to buy. This takes into account the fold-ability and convertibility of the futon.

As a basic requirement, you need a comfortable mattress that will allow you to sleep well throughout the night. For adults, you should buy a mattress that has at least 6 inches of thickness. Thicker beds also come with innerspring coils considered the most comfortable and supportive for long-term use. For guest beds or short-term use of the mattress, you may opt for the foam and cotton filled mattresses. This is because they provide mid-level comfort and support. The mattresses also get in shape fast and are lightweight for easy portability.

You should physically visit the Futon Store to test the performance of the mattress you wish to buy. It is advisable for you to bring your whole family along to determine whether the mattress is ideal for various sleepers. Always go for superior quality mattresses if you are looking for longevity. If you use your Futon Mattress regularly, it could serve you for about 20 years.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Futon Mattress


The aesthetic value of your Futon Mattress should come first because it will also be used as the sofa cushion. For instance, although you want the comfort of the coil-filled futon mattress, you should know that it tends to lose its aesthetic value over time. The foam Futon mattress is ideal for both sleeping and sitting on because its solid nature helps to maintain its shape after use.


You want a Futon Mattress that is comfortable enough for lying or sitting on. When buying a convertible futon, you should take into account the possibility of your guests sitting on the couch. You, therefore, should consider both your needs and those of your guests before making a decision.

The type of comfort you get from your futon mattress will vary depending on the filling material. As such, it is imperative to avoid lumpy mattresses and buy those with consistent comfort. Avoid the too firm types and go for the soft mattresses that are not only plush but also allow a comfortable sinkage.


You should consider how versatile the Futon mattress you are going for is. This is because you are buying it to kill two birds with one stone; you want a bed and a couch in one product. As such, you need to consider the features and benefits each mattress has to offer. This way, you will be able to determine whether it can adequately serve both purposes.


Futon mattresses are sold at a much lower price as compared to other brands in the same class. However, the cost of each type of mattress varies depending on its material and style. However, any customer on a budget should consider buying the high-end Futon Mattress since it meets several needs at once. This is in comparison to buying a mattress and couch separately.


How thick the Futon Mattress you get should depend on your needs and the type of bed you use. Although thinner Futon mattresses are more appealing and preferred by many people, they will look awkward on multiple wooden pieces. This will force you to choose the thicker mattresses since they look good with any wooden frame. Your desire and the needs of your family should work together. Avoid choosing Futon Mattresses for their color since this may be misleading. Note that you can always remove the cover and add one that defines your taste and preference.

Frame Size

This is straightforward; if you own a queen size frame, you will need to buy a queen size Futon mattress. Although the queen size Futon mattress is comfortable and more spacious, you need to take the size of your room into account before buying one. This is because such a mattress will be too big when placed in a small apartment. Therefore, the size of the Futon mattress you get should depend on the measurements of your room.

Final Verdict

Futon Mattresses have received an impressive reception in the market mainly because more people are looking to have a bed and couch in one piece. The mattresses also come in handy for people who would like to save space, especially when living in apartments. Nevertheless, there are multiple factors that you ought to consider before settling on any mattress.

Considering that you will find a wide array of Futon Mattresses out there, it is up to you to know which mattress meets your needs best. Before purchasing a Futon mattress, you should outline the features and attributes that you want in a mattress. Afterwards, you should visit the Futon Store to see whether the mattress you have settled on is efficient enough. When it comes to mattresses, shopping online has never been a great idea.

You should also consider the various types of Futon mattresses, their fillers, and benefits. Be sure to pick the mattress that is supportive and comfortable. Make sure to consider the guide above too to be able to find a Futon mattress that meets your needs and preferences.