Bobby Rio and Rob Judge understand the concept of an alpha male. Unlock Her Legs teaches the Scrambler Technique to show men the way a woman will react once her switch has been triggered. This tactic was developed by men tired of being overlooked due to the presence of other men. The authors are also the creators of Make Small Talk Sexy and TSB Magazine blogs.

Some of the examples provided by Bobby Rio are from his personal experience fighting to win the woman of his dreams. This resulted in the creation of a program for changing dating failure into a good experience. He believes his life has been transformed by his experiences and wants to share them with all of the men out there who are having difficulty with their sex lives or relationships.

The Proven Techniques for Snaring a Woman

The technique serving as the basis for Unlock Her Legs is a proven and simple method for getting the woman of your dreams. The book explains how to make a woman fall in love with you or get her into bed. This is accomplished by using the Scramble Technique. This creates a kind of magnet for the ladies pulling them towards the man using the technique.

Chase Flex is also included in the program. This is a critical aspect of the Scrambler Technique. This provides you with the tools necessary to attract a woman. The key rule is extremely simple. You should let the woman chase after you as opposed to trying to chase after her. You have to make a lasting impression on the woman before this technique will be effective.

The technique begins by establishing a sense of uncertainty with the woman to ensure you can get into her mind. Once you have successfully placed doubts into her mind, she will need to learn much more about who you are. The second step is all about power. This will show you how to take and keep control of your relationship. Bobby Rio and Rob Judge demonstrate the best tactics for getting the woman to continue to desire more and more.

The authors also explain some incredibly important techniques for helping you achieve the correct mindset to enable you to easily attract the ladies. They explain the importance of both mindset and attitude is establishing a relationship that will last for a longer period of time. Whether you want a relationship or you just want to get the woman into bed is entirely up to you.

The third step of the process is validation, You need to learn how to make the lady look to you for validation. This is critical for your ability to remain in control because the woman will look for your approval prior to making a move. This enables you to successfully pull her into having a relationship with you. The last step of the Scrambler Technique is enabling the woman to anticipate the next steps you make.

Once the woman becomes impatient regarding your next move, she will want you even more. Anticipation will draw the women closer to your than you imagined in your wildest dreams. Unlock Her Legs teaches you the techniques to enable you to get the woman you have been dreaming about firmly by your side. This is a simple alpha male strategy a lot of men are still completely unaware of.

The book basically reveals the mysterious techniques necessary for men to understand the concept of dating and relationships. You will be taught everything you need to know to bring the lady of your dreams closer.

The Truths of Unlocking Her Legs

This book was written to help men who have a hard time attracting women. The guidance in the book shows men it can be comfortable and easy to attract the ladies. The methods are very specific. It is important to note the woman must have some interest in the man even if she is difficult to acquire for this technique to be successful. If there is not a connection or enough interaction you will fail in your attempt.

You have to be able to plant thoughts into her mind by getting into her head. This is extremely important. A video serves as an introduction to the program. The two men talk about the main concepts behind Unlock Her Legs. This is followed by the seven-part closed-door interview. Decoding the Matrix is the first step. This is the basis for the entire program.

The focus of this step is playing games. This begins by playing head games with the woman followed by emotional games. The last step is the physical games. Rio and Rob Judge are focused on the importance of your strategy. The brothers talk about The Decoder a lot during part six. This is some type of code talk about the woman in question.

Rob Judge talks about the reasons the woman requires a decoder to understand what the man is trying to accomplish. You want her to wonder why she did not receive a response from her text, what you are doing, what is happening, etc. A large portion of part seven is devoted to understanding why the woman placed you in the friend zone in the first place.

The Big Three covered in this section are interrupting a pattern, setting emotional trapdoors and have her chasing validation. The distinction the authors make between men and women is both clever and accurate. In most cases, the man is chasing sex while the woman is chasing validation. This concept does make sense. The first part of The Weapons of Seduction is covered next.

This explains the reasons why bad boys succeed. The women become attracted to the man because he is not only bad for them but counter-intuitive as well. This psychology is far from new and you have most likely heard it many times before. The second part of Weapons of Seduction is a lot more interesting and much fresher. This section is key to understanding the entire concept and thought processes of Unlocking Her Legs.

This section discusses the importance of playing head games with the woman. Rob Judge talks about the importance of filling up the woman’s mental space by sending her mixed messages and using ambiguity. Both of the brothers instruct you to remain vague about everything, keep an active connection open with your ex’s and have as many female friends as you possibly can.

You need to make the lady feel insecure, miss you and believe you are really not into her. You also need to establish little jokes between just the two of you. You will have to play mind games with the lady. This strategy may not work if the woman is not feeling insecure. The next section is called the Scrambler which is a PDF report. This is where you will find a list of the type of women you can win over with this program.

The next section offers you a Roadmap for creating confusion in the mind of the woman. This is called Interrupting Her Pattern. The first step is planting your ideas into her mind. The following steps show you how to shift the power to your corner and feed the validation she needs to have in her mind. The brothers believe the fourth step has more power than any of the others.

Unpredictable Rewards is your fourth step. You must set a scenario causing the woman to wait and see what you can provide for her in a completely unexpected way. This will create and build a feeling of delightful anticipation inside of her. The majority of men enjoy the fifth step the most because it is what they want. This is titled Physical Intimacy.

The authors believe breaking the rules by being manipulative will make the lady crave you even more. This section talks about deliberately disagreeing with the woman, basically ignoring her during social events and making her pay for your drinks. These are all mind games that will not work with every woman.

Exactly What is Included and the Individual Steps

Rob and Rio Judge compiled the information for Unlock Her Legs using a lot of psychological mind games. They believe these games will make the hottest of the ladies become obsessed with you so they will start chasing you. The entire purpose of the program is to get beautiful women to chase you so you do not have to chase them. This is one of the most important premises of the program.

The authors explain the steps required to make this concept a reality. All of these steps are detailed below.

  • Uncertainty: The first step explains how you can place doubts into the woman’s mind. This will send her right to you. According to the authors, you can achieve this goal whether you are simply talking to a woman, already in a relationship or married.
  • Power: This step is all about gaining control of the power in your relationship. This is supposed to have the woman continuously coming back for more.
  • Validation: The third step will show you how to make the woman need your validation. This involves creating different scenarios so the women will be forced to come to you to receive your approval prior to acting on her own.
  • Anticipation: The fourth step will teach you how to create simple scenarios to build her anticipation. She will be anticipating your next move. This should result in the woman coming to you much sooner.

There is quite a bit included with the Scrambler Guide. In addition to the main manual, you will also receive a lot of extra material. This is an eBook you can download easily from the website you are making your purchase from. The extra materials included with the package include:

  • Invisible Escalation
  • Her Erogenous zones
  • The Boyfriend Destroyer Sequence
  • She is sending you sandals
  • The magnetic Effect pattern
  • Twelve different conversations to make a beautiful woman fall in love

There are a lot of benefits to this book. The best of all of them include:

  • You will learn to understand when a lady is sending you signals and the reasons.
  • Unlocking the alpha inside of you.
  • You will learn how to use her erogenous zones to control her emotions and thoughts.
  • It provides a magnetic effect to ensure the desire of the woman builds.
  • Techniques and strategies you can use for any woman you meet.
  • You will learn how to begin a conversation with a woman.
  • The instructional guides are simple to follow.
  • Free bonus guides are included.
  • An improvement in the quality of your relationships.
  • No costs for shipping.
  • A sixty-day satisfaction refund.

The Desired Outcome

Although this program will help some men reach their desired outcomes, some men will be unsuccessful. Your success is dependent on the connection you already have with the woman, your desire, your ability to play games and what you really want out of the relationship. While the program may help you unlock the legs of the woman, you will most likely not become important for the long term.