Over the last few years, hybrid mattresses have been really impacting the mattress industry. While in the past, hybrid mattresses were rather expensive, prices have begun to drop significantly as online sellers have started to enter the marketplace. One of these is Voila, which is well known for its own hybrid mattress solution that combines memory foam with pocketed coils. This construction approach differs from that used by most bed-in-a-box manufacturers.

The following will look at the design and features of the Voila, which despite its rather high price tag may be well worth it because of the high quality of the mattress the company produces and the advantages it offers to consumers.

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The Voila mattress may be precisely what you’re looking for if:

  • You would like a mattress that has a bit of flexibility when it comes to firmness. Voila provides multiple levels of firmness that are designed specifically to match your personal preference
  • You like to sleep on your side or are a bit heavy and you are looking for a hybrid mattress that can relieve pressure. Voila can be in excellent choice.
  • You like some features of memory foam mattresses but would prefer additional support. This mattress represents a combination of the pressure relief provided by memory foam and the additional support offered by pocketed coils.

On the other hand, you may have problems with the Voila mattress if:

  • You object to a temporary outgassing smell. Unfortunately, the memory foam component of the Voila mattress is well-known for its initially unpleasant outgassing smell. However, this is something customers encounter with any mattress containing foam.
  • You like a cooler bed. Although this mattress is provided with a series of pocketed coils, it doesn’t do a very good job of regulating temperature. It definitely seems like it retains a good deal of heat, which is of course a consequence of the memory foam being used.

Materials and Construction

Voila Mattress ReviewThe Voila Mattress provides three levels of firmness so as to meet the personal preferences of each sleeper. For most people, medium firmness is what they prefer, so that version of the mattress will be the focus in the following. To begin with, the first thing to look at is the mattress cover. The cover is made using a stretch polyester that is sufficiently thin to allow for breathability. The side of this cover is made in a way that encourages airflow and helps a bit with thermal regulation. Unfortunately, – as mentioned above – it’s not quite enough.

Let’s take a quick look now at the various layers. The Voila mattress is very different from most mattresses we’ve considered. From the various layers to its design, will start with a general description of its construction and later break that down with greater detail.

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General Construction

The top layer of this mattress is manufactured using gel memory foam. The main characteristic of the top layer is that it offers improved pressure relief and responds fairly slowly to any pressure. Along with the positive aspects of this layer, it also delivers the usual sinking sensation you expect from a mattress using any kind of foam.

The next layer is made of a poly foam and provides the mattress with some of the edge support needed to keep you from rolling out of bed. This layer quickly responds to pressure and is much more supportive than the top layer. With the extra bounce in this layer, it’s far easier to change positions during the night.

The third layer is made with pocketed coils. These coils are excellent at reducing motion transfer because they are zoned in a way that supports your heavier body parts. This means your hips will not receive excessive pressure – which could easily happen with other mattresses. This also helps to enhance the overall support you get while in bed.

Underneath this is a fourth layer which has an outer shell for greater edge support. It is made of high density poly foam. This additional edge support helps to ensure that couples sleeping in a bed can use the entire surface of the bed rather than sticking to the center.

Additional Details

As mentioned above, the various layers in this mattress are comprised of a range of materials and foam types which are distributed in two various sublayers. In total, there are 13 of these sublayers.

  1. The Exterior Cover: The exterior cover of the Voila mattress is rather thin and is designed to aid with the mattress’s cooling abilities.
  2. Fire Barrier 1: This sublayer is comprised of a silica-based material which actually melts in the presence of flames help put out any fire.
  3. Gel Memory Foam 1: Below the fire barrier is a three-quarter inch sublayer of gel memory foam. Its purpose is to enhance the feel and the cooling of the mattress. This sublayer has a PCF density of 3.
  4. Gel Memory Foam 2: Next is another 1.75 inch sublayer comprised of gel memory foam, but in this case the density is 4 PCF. This adds additional comfort and works in concert with the layer above.
  5. Responsiveness: The following sublayer is designed to improve the responsiveness of the mattress with its .75 inches of latex foam.
  6. Edge Support: Next is 2.25 inches of foam to provide improved edge support, allowing a couple to use more of the overall mattress.
  7. Barrier Reinforcement: The following sublayer is the relatively thin supporting foam designed to offer reinforcement for the barrier between the pocketed coils and the above sublayers.
  8. Insulator Pad: In between the above sublayer and the coils is an insulator pad made of fiber that permits necessary airflow.
  9. Pocketed Coils: Then there are the 6.25 inch thick pocketed coils offering five separate zones for greater support.
  10. Supporting Outer Shell: Below the coils is a supporting outer shell that reinforces the edge.
  11. Fire Barrier 2: This one is yet another insulator pad comprised of fiber and designed to help with fire suppression.
  12. Foundation Enhancement 1: The next to last sublayer is made of 1 inch of high density based foam that enhances the foundation.
  13. Foundation Enhancement 2: Finally, the bottom sublayer is .5 inches thick and made of high density based foam to reinforce the function of the above layer.

Obviously – and as indicated above – this mattress with its huge number of layers and sublayers is extremely different from most that you will find on the market. It’s also clear that a great deal of thoughtful design has gone into creating the Voila mattress, which is one of the things that probably puts it in a higher price bracket.

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Firmness and Support

After considering the design of the mattress and its general construction, it’s time to take a look at how all of this affects just how the mattress feels overall. The feel of a mattress is a combination of comfort, firmness and support. The medium firmness ascribe to this particular mattress generally ranges somewhere between 5.5 and 7 – out of a possible score of 10. But this number can vary slightly depending on your body characteristics. A heavier individual might want to choose one of the company’s firmer mattresses.

With regard to support, this mattress can provide significant relief for many kinds of sleepers. It’s definitely best for those who prefer sleeping on their stomach or back. Even so, the multiple layers aspect of this mattress enhances its overall comfort level, making it beneficial for side sleepers as well. It certainly helps to alleviate any pressure on your hips when sleeping, which is something to consider when choosing a mattress.

While there is a plusher version of this mattress separately available, there’s no denying that the medium firmness Voila mattress has sufficient comforting layers to itself be fairly plush and comfortable. Certainly, when you compare this mattress to similar ones produced by the company’s competitors, its performance is excellent.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer in a mattress is extremely important – particularly if you happen to be sharing your bed with someone else. A mattress that minimizes motion transfer can help keep you from waking up every time your partner rolls over or gets out of bed. The performance of this mattress in motion transfer tests is quite impressive, offering significantly decreased transfer.

Not only does this mean you don’t have to worry about the movements of the person sharing your bed, it also means that you won’t disturb their sleep. This is actually surprising considering that the bed does use coils and latex, both of which are less than entirely effective when it comes to minimizing motion transfer.

Other Important Points

Of course, making a purchase decision about a mattress at this price range isn’t necessarily something you want to do before doing a bit of research into its pros and cons. One good thing about the Voila mattress is that it comes with an industry standard 10 year warranty – which is likely more than you will need. It also has a 100 night try out period in which you can test the mattress to see if it meets your needs. If you live within the US, the shipping will be free, with the mattress being delivered right to your door.

On the downside, it should be noted that – like many other mattresses that use foam – the Voila mattress will at first give off an unpleasant smell while outgassing that most people find annoying. One way to avoid this problem is to unpack the mattress from the box and place it in a room for a couple of days until the odor goes away. It should also be noted that this mattress is slightly more expensive when compared to similar products you can purchase, but it definitely has advantages over most of its competitors.

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After evaluating the Voila mattress, specifically in the version with medium firmness, we decided that it exceeded expectations. Largely because there are plenty of somewhat similar mattresses on the market offered at relatively affordable prices, we were somewhat skeptical early on about the higher price of this mattress. But the performance and features of the Voila mattress quickly changed our minds.

This mattress is an excellent solution for you if you want a comfortable but firm mattress without any significant problems. The Voila mattress is solidly built and will last much longer than its decade-long warranty. And you won’t have to be concerned about sagging and similar issues. While the price is a bit higher than usual for this type of mattress, its capabilities and construction – as well as the thought that clearly has gone into it – make this product more than worth the cost to the consumer.