Wondershare Video Converter Review

In the current times, we can’t help getting caught up in the wave of video converters upsurge. Although the pressing needs for video conversion may have dwindled over the decades, at some point, we all need to tweak our videos to use them on various devices comfortably. On that note, some devices like iphone and Blu ray players have limited format support for playbacks. Thus you might encounter some inconveniences when trying to play videos that aren’t in the device’s supported formats; this is undoubtedly where the video converters come in handy.

Technology advancement has provided a forefront in video converters design and functionality enhancement. For this reason, hundreds of video converters have emerged, all claiming to efficiently convert your videos to any formats you may prefer. Be that as it may, only a few video converters out there come within inches close to matching what Wondershare Video Converter can accomplish.

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Wondershare Video Converter: Convert any videos to any formats Fast and Easily!

What Does Wondershare Video Converter Entail?

Designed and implemented by Wondershare, the software has earned its rightful place in the software industry and is arguably one of the top ranking video conversion applications around. It allows you to convert all your videos to supported formats that you can play across a variety of media players or even your smartphone.

The converter has been around over a decade and has undergone some transformations over the course of time to revamp its functional capabilities. At first glance, the software has a unique interface that incorporates simplicity and user-friendliness in the design. This is essential in easing up on the usage without directional confusions and ultimately, provide satisfactory user experience.

Wondershare Video Converter Review

The wondershare converter is not only limited to video conversion, but also it delivers other functionalities. A gist lookup of these capabilities include;

  • Video conversion
  • Burning media files to physical disc
  • Downloading media files from websites
  • Video customization
  • Can be used as a dedicated media server.

Curious to learn more?

You will be overwhelmed by the subtler functional capabilities that have been incorporated in the video converter to make it a worthwhile application.

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Wondershare Video Converter Official Website

Wondershare Video Converter: Convert any videos to any formats Fast and Easily!

Let’s get right to it…

Video Conversion

The primary purpose of this software application is to convert videos from one format to the other, which it excels at. Furthermore, it allows the users to perform actions such as download, edit, watch, transfer and create the video type files from different sources.

To begin with, when you open the software, you will be directed to the converting section. Next step is you are required to add files by either clicking the “add files” button or by just doing a drag and drop method. Once you get the video that you intend to be converted loaded onto the interface, all that is left is now for you to make a selection of the conversion profiles that best suits your needs.

The right panel of the software contains conversion profiles, rest assured there are a plethora of options to choose from. The profiles range from simple swap to optimization profiles for gaming systems, televisions, smartphones as well as set-top boxes. It is a swift choice, and it shouldn’t take you a minute to select the appropriate profile. Well, if you’re not tech conversant and you’re not sure on the most appropriate format for your devices, stop worrying.

In a bid to counter this possibility, Wondershare has managed to incorporate a system that allows you to choose your device from a list of conventional devices that are added into the application; making it so easy for you guys. These include VR headsets, gaming consoles, and smartphones. Once you are done with the selection, you can continue with the conversion by just clicking on “convert.”

Now all that is required of you is to sit back and wait for the conversion to steer itself. The video converter is so engineered to complete the task in five minutes or less. More so, another intriguing benefit that adds to the flourishing of the converter is that it boosts the conversion speed by utilizing your processor. It can support a batch of conversions and ultimately, lead to simultaneous video conversion. As if that’s not all, it enables you to merge multiple videos. The merge is outstanding with no broken links in between.

The software is easy to follow with clear outlines that include just pointing and clicking, and within moments your video is complete. There you are!

It is worth noting that the conversion time is entirely reliant on your PC’s hardware. As you would expect from a premium software such as this, the output quality is unmatched in that it is identical to the original video. Video experts have affirmed the impeccable quality produced by the software. Hence, you’re getting the best of the best.

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Wondershare Video Converter Official Website

Wondershare Video Converter: Convert any videos to any formats Fast and Easily!

Burning the Files to Physical Disc

After you are done converting your videos, you might want to burn them for safekeeping on a physical disk. Wondershare offers an inbuilt burning feature that provides an all in one solution; it indeed is an alternative to other independent burners such as Nero.

Also, if you intend to play the videos on a blue ray player or similarly a gaming console that requires a physical disc, then you can outrightly accomplish that within the software in minutes.


The video converter has another fascinating feature that is baked right in there, on the software interface. This is the ability to download videos from the internet. All you need to do is to copy and paste the video URL into the software, and it will be download for you.

Also, the software has a functionality to enable you to download Youtube videos and simultaneously, convert them to mp3. This is important when you want to extract the music from the video for use in devices that do not accept mp4 video format.

More so, if you are not for the idea of downloading, then the software offers another advanced function of recording the video screen as it plays. Be assured that the quality is at its best in whatever actions you execute within the application.

During the conversion of motion picture as well as television shows, Wondershare Video Converter provides the option of fetching the metadata from the internet. The requirement is that you open the information tab of the video you need, enter the show name and the software will search the web for information associated with that term. The rest of the details like cast and info and name of the director are automatically inserted into your video at the beginning of the conversion. In so doing, the media player will not distinguish it from the original; cover art and all.

Video Customization

To add to the video capabilities, the software has a fantastic functionality of editing videos. It has an inbuilt video editor that entirely helps in customizing your videos to a high and resolved result. Within the editing tool, you can trim the clips, add subtitles, watermarks, and adjust aspects such as contrast and brightness.

Video optimization is an integral part of conversion since it helps to cut off rather long and unwanted elements. Wondershare Video Converter will efficiently tackle this hassle in an effortless way producing overwhelming results.

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Wondershare Video Converter: Convert any videos to any formats Fast and Easily!

Media Server

Another unique feature contained by the video converter is the profound ability to transfer videos wirelessly. By making use of the Wondershare media server that has been incorporated into the video converter, you are therefore able to import the files to the server and start streaming them. This is an awesome capability whereby you can move a video file from a computer to a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone over a wifi connection.

Furthermore, this ability is not limited to only mobile devices but spans over other devices as well. The software can connect with a compatible gaming system or television. And thus, you can wirelessly and effortlessly stream your videos without manual transfer. This is of great importance to those of us that are on the cutting edge of technology.

Help and Support

Wondershare Video Converter is an efficiently working software, but just like any other application out there, support is essential to help solve minor functionality inconveniences that may arise with time. However, this might just be at the very least since the software has been rated well over the years concerning performance.

If you need clarification on certain parts, then there is email support, an application guide, live chat, FAQs as well forums at your aid. The forums contain a lot of user-contributed information which is very helpful to help you maneuver through the application.

If you have been looking for a trusted partner in bulk or single video conversion, then look no further, Wondershare Video Converter has got you covered!


Wondershare Video Converter is a revolutionary software that has by far superseded other video converters in the current times. The converter is purposefully designed to solve all your conversion needs in one central place. The design capabilities are of utmost importance in converting videos to almost every known format.

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Wondershare Video Converter Official Website

Wondershare Video Converter: Convert any videos to any formats Fast and Easily!

The software has proven stable and looks perfectly neat; offering a trial version for those that would like to have a brief feel but the trial version has some limited capabilities. Also, all the features work as claimed; making it true to the very word. While the software has proven easy to use, there are some advanced tools within, that may take you a while to comprehend, and utilize them to the maximum potential. For software that offers extensive functional abilities such as Wondershare, it certainly is worth giving it a try.

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