Yaasa Studios Mattress Review

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Being able to enjoy a high quality sleep is everyone’s priority after a long day of work or exercising. Everyone wants to lie on a cool, comfortable mattress that provides the best support regardless of his or her sleeping position. Yaasa is one of the top mattress manufacturers in the world and they are highly recognized for their high quality sleeping products.

The manufacturer specializes in offering you hybrid mattresses that come with an adjustable base alongside a Celliant technology. You can enjoy the best sleep on a Yaasa Studios mattress since they are made with coals and foam to ensure proper contouring and support according to your needs. They come with a TENCEL cover that gives it a soft, lucullan feel that you will love sleeping on.

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Yaasa Studios Mattress

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This article provides a comprehensive description of the Yaasa Studios Mattress. It contains relevant details regarding the mattress. The review is a must read if you are looking to buy a mattress but is not sure of which brand is the best for you.

Yaasa Studios Mattress

There are two types of Yaasa Mattresses: soft and firm. Each of their construction is shown in the table below:

Soft Yaasa MattressFirm Yaasa Mattress
2 inches of Cooling Infinity Foam1 inch of Cooling Infinity Foam
1 inch of Hybrid Transition Foam2 inches of Responsive Natural Latex
8 inches of Quantum Edge Coil System8 inches of Quantum Edge Coil System
1 inch of High Density Support Foam1 inch of High Density Support Foam

Yaasa Studios Mattress ReviewThe entire Yaasa Studios mattress is covered with TENCEL, which gives it a soft feel for comfort. The texture of the mattress cover is silky to give your sleeping area that plushy style you want. The mattress is made from different materials and features different construction styles depending on the firmness level you are looking to get.

Review of the Features of Yaasa Studios Mattress


As you can see from the table above, Yaasa Mattresses vary in their construction and combination of the materials in each layer. This means that you can go for the combination you find most satisfying to you. Regardless of the mattress combination you pick, they all come with pocket coils that are wrapped individually and the foam used is of premium quality. However, you need to consider your most preferred sleeping position to be able to buy a customized mattress.

The soft Yaasa Mattress is a great choice for sleepers who love lying on their sides with the soft brand being their best option. This is because they will be able to sink lightly on their shoulders and hips. When it comes to firmness, we can say that this mattress scores 4 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest level.

On the other hand, you should go for the firm Yaasa mattress if you lie on your belly or back often. This way, you will sleep comfortably and still get the best support to your spine and other body parts. It is constructed with a responsive natural latex transition layer that prevents excessive sinking into the mattress. On a scale of 10, we can say that its firmness is at 6.

Off Gassing

When the Yaasa mattress is delivered to your doorstep, you have to get it out of the box so that you can set it up on your bed or sleeping area. To remove the Yaasa mattress from the packaging box, you should get an extra pair of hands for convenience and ease of handling. This is because the mattress is compact and heavy. When the new mattress is out of the box, you may notice a minimal odor that is usually the smell of a new product. The glue used in the making of Yaasa Studios Mattresses is water-based and the materials are all low in VOC. This eliminates the severe off gassing issues.

In addition to the minimal off gassing issues, Yaasa mattresses are made in USA, which gives a quality guarantee with low or no odor at all. Nonetheless, if you find this odor noxious, you may consider airing the mattress to allow it to become fresh before setting it up. By the time you are ready to lie on your new mattress, it will have expanded to provide maximum comfort and support.

When setting up Yaasa Studios mattress, you should have a foundation that is going to ensure it stays in a flat position. This will help you derive maximum benefits from using it.

Motion transfer

Yaasa Studios Mattresses are made of premium quality foam and coil technology. Each of the coils used on the third layer is wrapped separately to limit vibration. This gives the mattresses an extraordinary motion transfer system. The motion transfer system comes in handy when you have to share your bed with a heavy sleeper. As a light sleeper, you will sleep comfortably without being disturbed by the movement of the other party as he or she changes his or her sleeping position. This is because when one coil is disturbed, its vibration will not be transferred to the adjacent coils.

Motion transfer in Yaasa Studios Mattresses is lowest in the firm mattresses. According to the consumer reports, the mattresses are excellent and the coil system works perfectly in reducing motion transfer. However, some users claim that they experienced some vibration. This may mean nothing to the users because the mattress is highly responsive. For light sleepers, however, you may consider getting the firm Yaasa mattress over the soft one because the former has minimal motion transfer.

Temperature regulation

Each mattress by Yaasa Studios features a cooling infinity foam in the first layer, but the thickness varies. These mattresses also have a cooling gel infused on the same layer to ensure that your sleep is cool and comfortable. The layers with the coil system are also efficient in regulating temperatures because the hot air dissipates leaving the mattress as cool as ever. This is facilitated by the spaces left between the coils. This is the advantage of Yaasa mattresses over the other brands with an all-foam construction.

The Infinity foam is extremely breathable, an attribute that reduces the retention of heat as you sleep. The firm mattresses feature a transition layer that is fitted with latex. This material is naturally aerated to keep the mattress cool at all times. It is also highly responsive, which keeps you comfortable all night long in any sleeping position. You can also change your sleeping position easily. The TENCEL cover also comes in handy in giving you a cool sleep since it is breathable and has moisture wicking capabilities. It is also super soft to give you a fantastic sleep. Unlike other materials like polyester, cotton and the like, TENCEL is easy to clean and keep hygienic.

Yaasa mattress users claim that the product keeps them cool as they sleep, especially due to the coil system that facilitates an easy airflow.

Edge support

Today, customers are looking for mattress brands that provide adequate edge support. The edge support technology widens the space available for lying and allows the user to sit on the edge without sinking the mattress on the sides. The best mattress, therefore, is sturdy and supportive, implying that it can maintain its proper shape. With such a mattress, you can get out of bed easily without damaging the mattress’ edges.

With Yaasa mattress, you are able to sleep and get the best support whether you sleep at the center or on the edges. It gives a solid feel because it is made from a high quality foam and the layers are all innovatively put together. The mattress is customized to meet the needs of the sleepers looking for consistency.

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Yaasa Studios Mattress

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You will love Yaasa mattress if:

  • You like sleeping warm and cool: Yaasa mattress is custom made for the sleepers who do not like sleeping hot. For some reason, most users find a warm, cool sleep most enjoyable. The TENCEL cover is breathable, the coil technology allows for air circulation within the mattress layers, and the Infinity foam is infused with a cooling gel. It is also imperative to note that the latex layer is not only breathable but also moisture licking.
  • You are looking to share the mattress: Couples will undoubtedly fall in love with Yaasa mattress. This is because you can share the bed with your partner and sleep comfortably without having to worry about motion transfer. The edge coil system is highly reliable since each coil is wrapped separately. This implies that you can move or change sleeping positions without having to disturb one another.
  • You engage in physically exhausting activities and are looking for support: If you are looking for support while asleep; we recommend the firm Yaasa mattress. The manufacturer designed the mattress to provide the highest level of support regardless of your preferred sleeping position. It is also extremely responsive. This means that you will wake up feeling fresh and ready to begin your daily routine.
  • You are looking for great value: Yaasa queen size mattress is available at only $995. Once you purchase the mattress, you get a free trial period of 100 days. During this period, you get to sleep on the mattress to determine whether you really made the right decision picking the brand. If you find it unsatisfactory, you can return it and get a full refund of the amount you paid. The 12-inch mattress also features innovative attributes like the edge coil system, latex material, and TENCEL among others. This makes the mattress a top brand in the market and assures its users of great value.

You will not love Yaasa mattress if:

  • You like sleeping in an all-foam mattress: This mattress is made with cooling infinity, hybrid transition, and high-density foam on only 4 inches in both the soft and firm types. The other 8 inches are covered by quantum edge coil system. This system enhances your comfort while you are sleeping and the soft cover helps you enjoy its coolness. The mattress is also supportive and responsive. Nonetheless, if you are looking to purchase a mattress made with foam on all the layers, you should do more research on the brand that best suits your needs.

Final Verdict

Yaasa Studios Mattress offers a 10-year warranty for their sleeping products. The mattresses also come with 100 trial days that allow you to test the mattress and decide if you want to stick with it. To get the right combination and firmness level, however, you should first take time to define your sleeping needs. This will help you pick a mattress that enables you to enjoy optimal rejuvenation whenever you sleep on it.

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Yaasa Studios Mattress

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Have you experienced the comfort, support, responsiveness, motion transfer, and coolness of Yaasa mattresses? Please share your experience and thoughts with us. For more information on the mattress, visit Yaasa Studios official website.

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