Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting Review

Yahoo Small Business is a large web host provider focusing on individual customers and small businesses who want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by e-commerce. The parent company of Yahoo small business, Yahoo, as attempted to make major changes over the years, such as trying to sell off this web hosting division. This transaction hasn’t taken place, despite the fact that the name for Yahoo Small Business has shifted to Yahoo Aabaco Small Business or Aabaco Small Business as a part of rebranding efforts. For the purposes of the following, it will simply be called Yahoo Small Business.

Shared Web Hosting

Yahoo Small Business offers Linux-based shared web hosting for which it charges you a monthly fee. This fee drops if you choose a long-term multi-month or yearly plan. Their Basic shared plan starts at $5.99 a month and drops to as little as $3.49 a month if you commit to a five-year contract. This plan will include a domain name, 100 GB of data transfers per month, 100 GB of storage, 10 website pages and 250 email addresses – as well as the website building software provide by Yahoo.

The survey also offers an Advanced plan for $9.99 a month, with this dropping to $5.99 a month with a five-year contract. This plan expands on the basic plan by offering 5 TB of data transfers per month, 500 GB of storage, unlimited website pages, 500 email addresses, the ability to use site building tools from third parties, secure FPD and WordPress support.

The Yahoo Small Business Premier web hosting plan starts at $14.99 a month and can drop to as little as $8.99 per month with a five-year contract. This top-level plan includes unlimited transfers, unlimited storage and private domain registration. This last point is important, since it allows you to keep your personal information private.

While all three of these plans are fairly good, they are no match for what some of the Yahoo’s competitors – such as HostGator – can offer consumers. For instance, HostGator’s shared web hosting provides customers with a choice of Windows or Linux-based servers, not to mention unlimited transfers, storage and email addresses.

Why Choose Yahoo?

There are certain reasons why someone looking for a small business web host provider would consider Yahoo, such as the following:

  • Short Startup Time: Yahoo Small Business lets you build and publish a website in only a matter of minutes.
  • Focus on E-Commerce: Although individuals can host a website with Yahoo Small Business, most of the available plans focus on those wanting to launch their own online store. Thus, the features provided and to be ones required by these types of sites, such as payment processing and product display.
  • Local Marketing: The hosting plans offered by Yahoo provide a range of marketing tools that allow you to market locally, which is useful if you also have a brick and mortar store.

Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting Review

Range of Solutions

For choosing your web hosting plan, you’ll want to consider which one of the product lines offered by Yahoo Small Business matches your requirements. The company’s websites products provide good, simple plans for those would like to get their site published an operating as quickly as possible. All that’s necessary is to:

Select your theme (there are more than 100 you can choose from:

  • Write and edit your content
  • Add your images to the template
  • Customize the layout (if you wish)
  • Preview the website
  • Publish the website

E-commerce Options

Although Yahoo’s Web Hosting and Websites options are already primarily focused on small business, a niche subset within this group would be those who want to carry out e-commerce by establishing an online store. The e-commerce plans all offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

The e-commerce plans also provide features like free templates and a site builder function. But most importantly, these plans provide support for shipping company integration, product displays and the ability to process payments from shopping carts. In addition, all of the plans are scalable.

Website Management

Unfortunately, Yahoo small business offers a control panel that does resemble cPanel or some version of it. Instead, the company offers an entirely proprietary control panel, which means that if you‘re experienced in using other web host providers that do use a version of cPanel, you and any employees who will manage this site will have to learn an entirely new system of website management.

Upgrading Your Plan

Currently, Yahoo Small Business offers only shared web hosting. Yes, you can pick from their three lines of products – and within these, multiple plans, but ultimately you will not be able to upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan or to a VPS without entirely switching to a new web host provider. However, it should be noted that those customers that use the e-commerce products do have the option of scaling up resource allocations, particularly during peak times.

Migration to Yahoo

If you already have a website and want to migrate that website to Yahoo small business this will require you to move all of the relevant files yourself. Oddly, none of the hosting plans provided by Yahoo offer any migration assistance. Fortunately, it is possible to transfer your domain from your previous provider to Yahoo without too much trouble. But also note that the website you create on Yahoo cannot be easily migrated to another web host provider in the future. And you are not allowed to move any of Yahoo’s themes.

Customer Support

The Yahoo small business customer support knowledgebase is extremely robust, although it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to navigate. But if you have questions about your Yahoo Small Business site, there are plenty of resources available to answer your questions. But if you decide you need to reach out to technical support – which is available 24/7 – you can go to the control panel to open a help ticket and request assistance.

Yahoo Small Business Pros

Below are some of the benefits and advantages you get by choosing Yahoo Small Business as your web host provider.

  • Small Business Focused: Although individuals sometimes use Yahoo Small Business, the products the company offers are generally aimed at the small business owner. This means that any plan you choose will have features that are not provided to general users.
  • All in One Package: When you choose one of these plans, you’ll get what you need to build and manage a website and online store. This includes a site builder, the hosting itself, a domain name, email and local marketing.
  • PCI Compliant: Unlike many other shared hosting providers, the plans offered by Yahoo’s Merchant Solutions are in fact PCI compliant. This is vital if you’re operating an online store.

Yahoo Small Business Cons

Below are some of the problems and negatives associated with choosing a plan provided by Yahoo Small Business.

  • Frequent Management Changes: While currently under Yahoo, there’s uncertainty about the future given that it keeps being put up for sale.
  • Poorly Designed Control Panels: This host provides for entirely different control panels, with each of them having its own functionality. While this makes for a somewhat cleaner interface, it still looks somewhat dated and needs to be upgraded. It’s definitely not intuitive.
  • Overpriced Options: Some of the options offered by Yahoo – even though they aimed at small businesses – are a bit too expensive as compared with competitors. Plus, these plans charge transaction fees based on the number of items sold.

Look at overall, Yahoo Small Business has its strong points and its weak points – just like any other host. However, as the above list of cons makes clear, there is definitely room for improvement. There are a number of areas where changes could be made that would significantly improve the customer experience.

Uptime Guarantees

At this time, Yahoo Small Business does not offer its clients any kind of uptime guarantees, which is traditional among companies offering shared hosting services. Given this, those operating a mission-critical website might want to be a bit wary. On the other hand, the statistics show that downtime for this host is extremely low, achieving nearly 100% uptime. This is particularly the case if you choose one of the company’s e-commerce products, since the scalability for this option means that downtime is even less likely.

Deciding on Yahoo Small Business

If you’ve been thinking about creating a publishing a simple website for your business, then Yahoo can be an excellent option for your business web hosting provider. You’ll certainly have all the basic features necessary to create your site and the infrastructure to support your site and keep it online and functioning. However, if you’re operating a mission-critical site – and an online retail store would fit this description – you might want to choose something other than Yahoo, particularly given its lack of an uptime guarantee.

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