Linda Allen is the author of Yeast Infection No More. She tried numerous remedies to combat her suffering from yeast infections to no avail. Her belief there was a cure was the beginning of a search lasting for seven years. She researched remedies from nutritionists, alternative practitioners and naturopaths. This book is the culmination of all of her research for an effective cure for yeast infections.

The Concept of Yeast Infection No More

Yeast Infection No More is an eBook showing how to cure yeast infections permanently. The book has provided thousands of individuals with the help they need to heal completely. The book offers you the solution for curing yeast infections you will not receive from your physician. The instructions will teach you everything you need to know to be successful.

This book is not discussed in the medical community because the solution is holistic. Unfortunately, physicians will not recommend the eBook for this reason. This has resulted in far too many individuals trying so-called magic cures or the latest pills that just do not seem to work. It is not difficult to spend a small fortune trying to cure your yeast infection. This comes to an end with the purchase of this book.

The book is well written with a total of 236 pages. There is a good layout, a professional design and you can print out the most important sections for an even easier reference. The author goes into detail regarding the following subjects.

  • A complete description of yeast infections.
  • The causes of yeast infections.
  • The complications often resulting from Candida yeast infections.
  • The different kinds of yeast infections.
  • How to accurately diagnose a yeast infection.
  • The reasons homeopathic medicine can treat yeast infections better than conventional medicine.

This information is the foundation of the book. This will provide you with the information you need to understand the concept of the five-step program for treating yeast infections explained in the book.

Inside of the Individual Chapters

Chapter One: This chapter includes information about Linda Allen and a brief description of the contents of the book. You will learn how to use the information to permanently cure your yeast infection is less than three months.

Chapter Two: This chapter goes into detail regarding the root causes of this type of infection. This includes everything from weakened immunity to a poor diet. The author discusses every possible angle to help you determine the underlying cause such as Candida overgrowth. This information is critical for the treatment of thrush.

Yeast Infection No More reveals the cause of the nasty symptoms of Candida. This is a toxic waste known as Acetaldehyde. The unpleasant symptoms result from the transformation of Acetaldehyde into ethanol. This includes vaginal yeast infections, bloating, brain fog, migraines, chronic athletes foot, oral thrush, upper back pain, sores inside of the mouth, restless leg syndrome and blurred vision.

The reasoning of the author regarding the reasons physicians will not discuss natural remedies for thrush is extremely interesting. This information makes a lot of business sense for the physicians. Linda Allen discusses the importance of listening to your body, being responsible for your own health and making the necessary changes in your diet. All of this is required for eliminating the root cause of Candida.

All of the pharmaceutical treatments most frequently prescribed for this condition are listed in the book including how they work and the potentially nasty side effects. This includes prescriptions for pessaries and creams. You will learn a lot about the way disease generally occurs in the body. The approach is based on enabling your body to heal itself naturally.

This is accomplished by allowing your body to use your internal process for cleaning and detoxification while the natural balance is being restored through proper nutrition.

Chapter Three: This chapter covers diagnosing your yeast infection. The author explains what is involved with the medical tests conducted in laboratories. A detailed and lengthy questionnaire is provided for what may appear to be unrelated symptoms. You receive a complete explanation as to why mainstream medicine badly diagnoses yeast infections.

Chapter Four: This covers the basic twelve-hour treatment for relief. This is an extensive plan for treatment detailed by each hour. You do need to be aware in addition to being effective, the treatment is also messy. The recipes for herbal washes are excellent. These can be applied regularly until your symptoms have vanished.

Once your symptoms have disappeared, do not give in to the temptation to ignore the remainder of the program. If you do not successfully treat the root cause, you can be certain all of your symptoms will return. The only way to ensure your symptoms are gone forever is to adhere to the remainder of the program. You will also receive treatments for nail infections because they are another symptom of Candida.

Chapter Five: This is a mini-program for achieving fast results. This is an excellent option if your schedule is too busy to accommodate the entire program at this time.

Chapter Six: This covers the entire five-step anti-yeast program. This includes the six most important dietary principles. This is critical for being free of Candida. You will learn about all of the nutritional supplements required to efficiently cleanse and detox all of the major organs of your body. The detox program is extremely detailed.

You will be taught about listening to what your body is trying to tell you, juice cleansing, fasting and raw food diets. You will probably understand your digestive system as well as many physicians.

There is a section for handling a healing crisis in addition to another about eliminating parasites. This is critical if you want to cure your yeast infection. You will be provided with recommendations for replacing what your body needs to kill the parasites. This will enable your body to perform correctly and efficiently. The next section deals with the lifestyle factors that are impacting your yeast infection.

The section regarding the way Candida places stress on your body contains useful tips for removing the stress. The plan for sleep optimization offers helpful tips for getting a better quality of sleep. The final section of Yeast Infection No More puts everything together. You will receive guidelines for living a life free of Candida. The eBook is extensive because it covers every aspect and detail about Candida.

The author makes it easy to understand all of the information you need about treating your yeast infection. Reading the entire book will make you an expert on everything pertaining to yeast infections.

The Importance of the Steps

The five-steps requires for the treatment of your yeast infection are as follows.

Step One: Optimizing Digestion and the Candida Control Diet. This step teaches which foods you need to avoid and which you should consume. The importance of the balance of acid-alkaline for optimizing your digestion while treating your yeast infection is explained.

Step Two: Nutritional Supplementation and Enhancing Immunity. This is where you will learn all about your immune system. Yeast Infection No More teaches you what suppresses and supports your immune system, how your immune system can be boosted and the way it is impacted by your lifestyle, stress and diet.

Step Three: Liver Detoxification and Internal Cleansing. This step shows you how to detoxify and cleanse your entire system. You will understand the reasons why this step is critical for eliminating your Candida yeast infection.

Step Four: Using the Correct Anti-Yeast Supplements to Kill Candida. The supplements you need to take to kill Candida Albicans effectively are revealed in this step.

Step Five: Re-Colonizing and Replenishing Friendly Bacteria. This is where the book explains the reasons good bacteria are necessary for your bowels and maintaining the balance.

The Benefits of the Program

• You will learn how to use natural methods to cure Candida where conventional treatments have failed. The fact is 95 percent of the individuals using traditional treatments to cure their yeast infections are only successful for a brief period of time. They often end up in worse shape than when they began. Yeast Infection No More will teach you how to permanently cure you, Candida, using natural methods.

• The book will teach you how to eliminate your yeast infections forever without drugs, lotions or creams.

• The author explains why there are no magic pills or solutions for an effective and permanent cure for yeast infections.

• The book is offering you a scientific and intelligent strategy for treating and eliminating the symptoms of your yeast infection within a few short weeks. This is dependent on the severity of your Candida.

• You will learn the steps to take to stop your yeast infection from returning.

• The book offers you a holistic approach for curing your yeast infection. The author explains why you will never be rid of your Candida if you do not treat the root cause.

• You will learn why using a treatment such as tablets, antifungals, antibiotics, detox diets and creams will only treat one facet of your yeast infection. All of these are one-dimensional treatment options that only provide temporary results.

• Linda Allen explains why the only effective method for avoiding the formation of a yeast infection is the method in her book. You will understand why the holistic approach is the only way to treat not just the yeast infection itself but the root cause as well.

• The book is straightforward, safe and effective. The information was written so well you will not become confused, frustrated or overloaded. This system offers excellent advice to help you finally make sense of everything. After you have finished reading Yeast Infection No More, you will no longer be missing any of the pieces to the puzzle you have most likely been struggling with.

• You will be able to understand everything about your Candida yeast infection. This includes the root cause of the infection, what you need to do to permanently eradicate yeast infections from your life and how to feel better than you have in a longer period of time than you can remember.

• You will have the information to cure your yeast infection without the intermittent effects of drugs and creams. All of the nasty side effects are eliminated because the program is holistic.

• Unfortunately, the number of individuals who have learned how to treat their Candida infections without using drugs is still relatively small. These are the only people in the world who are able to keep their bodies clear of yeast infections permanently. Yeast Infection No More enables you to join their ranks.

• The secrets for a permanent cure come from a former sufferer and a dietician. She understands exactly how to eliminate Candida infections.

• You will learn how to prevent your yeast infection from returning safely and naturally within about eight weeks.

The Final Verdict

Yeast Infection More is a comprehensive guide for treating your yeast infection regardless of the severity. The majority of programs are based on pills, diets and difficult to locate herbal medicines only capable of addressing one aspect of Candida infections. This eBook has everything you need to permanently eliminate your yeast infection. If you still have any doubts, there is a money-back guarantee.