Buying a new mattress is a significant investment for many people, so it’s important to carefully consider the things you want in a mattress before making a purchase. The Zenhaven mattress brings a lot of valuable features to the online mattress market. These features appeal to a lot of potential customers looking for high quality mattress they can afford.

The manufacturer of this mattress uses all-natural latex as a part of its goal of directly competing with the very best luxury brands you can find on the market. The Saatva Company produces this mattress, along with their well-known Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress and their Saatva innerspring mattress. This manufacturer has a well-earned reputation for excellent product development and superb customer service.

I was eager to try out this mattress by Saatva because of its unique characteristics as compared to some of the other mattresses I’ve looked at recently. Of course, every sleeper is unique and what works for one individual – or even one body type – will not necessarily work for someone else. It’s best to carefully look at any mattress and consider its features before making a purchase. But it’s also impossible to ignore the fact that this mattress has a lot to offer many consumers.

You May Like Zenhaven If:

  1. You Prefer a 100% Natural “Green “Mattress: As you do research when purchasing a mattress, you’ll find that a lot of mattress manufacturers will make false or misleading statements suggesting that their products are especially green. They frequently do is even when their mattress uses synthetic latex, rather than natural latex. The Zenhaven mattress stands apart from these others because it makes use of 100% entirely natural latex – specifically all-natural talalay. This means it is both all-natural and organic. This also means that if you have health concerns about allergies, chemicals or dust mites, this mattress can be an excellent option.
  2. You like a Luxury Mattress at a Value Price: While from a quality standpoint, this mattress is intended to compete with the best luxury brands, it does so by using an online retailing model that lets it minimize costs. While not what you would call cheap, a mattress like this one would usually cost twice as much if you bought it from a brick-and-mortar store.
  3. You Would like a Balanced Feel: Zenhaven provide sleepers with the contouring that they expect from memory foam without a sense that you are slowly sinking down into the mattress. This means that if you would like relief on pressure points without facing some of the problems usually inherent in memory foam, this mattress may be what you’re looking for.
  4. You’re Looking for Durability: This mattress is fairly new on the market, which might make it seem like it would be difficult to judge its long-term durability. However, the latex the manufacturer uses for this mattress is well known to be extremely tough and long-lasting. I think it’s safe to say that this mattress should provide you with years of use, since similar mattresses are extremely robust and long-lasting.
  5. You Want More Than One Firmness Level Option: The Zenhaven mattress can be flipped over to provide you with two different firmness options in a single mattress. Of course, this isn’t quite as versatile as mattresses that offer customizable firmness for two different sleeping partners. Some manufacturers produce mattresses where the firmness levels can be adjusted by the customers themselves.

You May Not Want To Get A Zenhaven If:

  1. You Have a Limited Mattress Budget: Although price competitive with other comparable mattresses, the Zenhaven may still fall outside the range of some people’s budget. It’s definitely not what you would call inexpensive.
  2. You Actually Enjoy That Sinking Feeling: Surprisingly, there are some people who enjoy the feeling they get with some mattresses that they are sinking down into it. They find it warm and comforting. But most people actually intensely dislike this feeling of sinking into a mattress. Because the Zenhaven mattress provides a much more balanced sleeping experience in which it supports your body and doesn’t let you sink into the mattress, you may prefer to look for something else if you want that sinking feeling.
  3. You Expect to Get Rid of This Mattress Fairly Soon: This mattress is solidly built with long-lasting materials you can have confidence in. There’s no denying it’s also – at this price range – a bit of an investment. This means that if you don’t intend to use this mattress for years to come, you’ll get less value out of it for your dollar. A mattress that is less durable can certainly be purchased for less money.

Basic Construction

  • 100% Natural Talalay Latex: The manufacturers have used 100% natural talalay latex in the construction of this mattress. This means that the Zenhaven mattress is extremely durable, while also providing a bounce/resiliency and balanced feel that many sleepers prefer. In addition, because it is natural there are no toxic chemicals. This latex comes from South America, which is an advantage because the latex from Sri Lanka is less durable and consistent.
  • Flippable: What important feature of this mattresses construction is that it is flippable . This provides you as the sleeper two different levels of comfort. If you are unsatisfied with the comfort level provided by one side, simply flip it so you can try the other side. This is a significant concern for many people have a difficult time finding a mattress right for them. If you’re concerned you won’t be able to get the firmness level you want, this could be a perfect solution to those concerns.
  • Zoned Construction: The Zenhaven employs zoned construction, which means that it is designed to provide additional support in those areas of the mattress where the heaviest parts of your body will rest. In my personal experience, this kind of arrangement provides superior spinal alignment. All of this makes this mattress ideal for anyone hoping to minimize pain from a back problem. In addition to this, a double-sided mattress instead it will last much longer.

Firmness and Motion Isolation

Zenhaven Mattress ReviewThere is a significant difference between the two sides of this mattress, with one being the firm side and the other being the soft side. However, it should be noted that both sides of the mattress are very resilient/bouncy. This is hardly surprising given that it is manufactured using natural latex. When it comes to motion isolation – the ability of a mattress not transmit the motion of a sleeping partner when they get in and out of bed or move – the Zenhaven mattress does a relatively effective job. Of course, it’s not as effective as a mattress made of memory foam would be.

Other Important Points

  • Because of its latex construction, this mattress offers great bounce/resilience
  • The structure of the talalay latex the manufacturer uses with this mattress is open cell, meaning that it is very breathable. During a sleep trial, this mattress was extremely cool and comfortable with no overheating.
  • Unlike many online mattresses you might purchase, this is not a bed in a box expandable mattress. Instead, it is delivered by hand.
  • Because latex is a dense, heavy material, you will need to keep in mind when you move this mattress that it is quite heavy.
  • The same manufacturer also produces the Loom and Leaf mattress and the Saatva mattress. They have a very good reputation in the industry for excellent customer service.

What Makes This Mattress Stand Out?

  • While technically speaking this mattress overall is not 100% organic, there’s no denying that it comes fairly close. While you will often see mattress manufacturers claiming their product is eco-friendly or green, this particular mattress manufacturer can truthfully make this claim.
  • One feature that is unusual is that this mattress is livable. It’s an interesting and perhaps handy feature to have, although I’m not entirely certain whether many people will take advantage of this feature on a regular basis.
  • If you’re looking for a long-lasting mattress, then the natural latex used in the Zenhaven is unquestionably going to give you that long-term durability. It will definitely last longer than a mattress made from memory foam.
  • This mattress has a great deal of bounce, meaning it responds immediately when you or your sleeping partner move around on it. It also means that you will be sleeping “on” this mattress rather than “in” it. Fortunately, it also does a fairly good job of suppressing motion transfer.
  • This mattress is unusually heavy because of the material used in its construction. This may not matter if you don’t expect to move very often during the life of the mattress. But it will require a lot of muscle and sweat to move this mattress up and down a flight of stairs.


The Zenhaven mattress is made of all-natural latex and produced by the same company that manufactures the Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress and the Saatva innerspring mattress. I have to say that my experience with this mattress was very positive and I appreciate the all-natural aspects of it. On the one hand, this mattress is relatively expensive when compared to some other models, but given its high quality it’s certainly an excellent value when compared to similar mattresses on the market. It also does a good job of keeping you cool, which is something you’re not likely to get with a memory foam mattress.

Final Word

It’s rather refreshing to encounter in the Zenhaven mattress a high quality, product being offered at a relatively reasonable price. It can be very annoying to deal with the false advertising put out by so many so-called “natural” products being sold by mattress manufacturers these days. I enjoyed my sleeping experience with this mattress, appreciating the natural latex the company used to make it. It provided a pleasurable and comfortable sleeping experience. If this mattress fits your budget, I would strongly recommend that you consider its advantages.