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In our review, we recognize a high quality mattress as essential since everyone relies on one for a refreshing sleep. Everyone needs a mattress that is going to conform to your shape, support you, and relieve pressure on all your joints regardless of the sleeping position. The best mattress is one that meets the needs of each person regardless of his or her sleeping style. A mattress that is neither too soft nor too firm may just be ideal.

Zotto Mattresses comprise of high quality memory foam mattresses that are available in 6 sizes at a price range of $550 to $995. This sleep product is made in United States, which guarantees its quality and makes it safe to use. It is designed for responsiveness, temperature regulation, and contouring. In this exclusive review, we intend to evaluate Zotto Mattress and analyze how it applies various innovations to enhance your comfort.

To know whether Zotto Mattress is ideal for you, read the article to the end.


Zotto Mattress ReviewZotto Mattress features 4 layers of foam to create a 10 inch comfort zone. Zotto has successfully managed to incorporate various types of foam to create this unique mattress. Check out our breakdown of the mattress’ layers:

  • Cover: This is created with a mix of polyester-rayon and it is brocaded for a soft, comfortable feel. The raised embellishment gives the cover an extraordinary thickness. You can also remove it with ease for washing.
  • Top layer: This is the comfort layer, and it comprises of 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. It is low in responsiveness, but it allows you to sink right into it for pressure relief. Although memory foam has been said to create a hot sleeping surface, the gel infusion in Zotto Mattress brings a cooling effect. It absorbs all the body heat and dissipates it to the other layers.
  • Layer two: This is also the contour layer, and it is composed of 2 inches of CoolFlow memory foam. Like the comfort layer, this does not respond fast and as you sink into the layers, it conforms to your shape. It comes with cooling features that regulate your body temperatures.
  • Layer three: The layer is also referred to as the transition layer, and it features the Springtex foam that is specially made by Zotto. It is a polyfoam that is highly responsive. It lies between the soft and high-density foam.
  • Base layer: This is the foundation layer, and it includes 4 inches of high density polyfoam. It provides support to the entire mattress as it gives it shape.

Firmness and Sinkage

Zotto Mattress is available in one firmness level, which is medium-firm. On a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with the latter being the firmest and the former being the softest, Zotto scores a 6.5.

If you sleep lightly on this mattress, you will sink into the top soft layers for a snugly feel and pressure relief. For a heavy person, your body will conform amazingly into the memory foam. In comparison to the traditional medium firm mattress, Zotto Mattress is a bit soft for comfort. Although the foundation high-density foam provides adequate support, Zotto Mattress is ideal for people who want to be embraced by the mattress.

The sinkage on this mattress varies depending on the weight of the person sleeping on it. This means that a light person will just sink slightly into the mattress and a heavier person will sink more. Based on a sinkage test, Zotto Mattress can be said to be somewhat above average. Its use of quality memory foam has created a fantastic sleep product.

That notwithstanding, we would recommend such sinkage for side sleepers. If you love sleeping on your back or belly, you may want to consider a mattress with a great bounce for lifting.


Zotto Mattress features the top soft memory foam layers for a snugly feel and sinkage. This being the general goal of the mattress, it is also excellent at body contouring. It will provide the right amount of support that is pressure relieving.

Regardless of the sinkage level on this mattress, the Springtex foam ensures a balanced support. This ensures that your weight is distributed evenly on the sleeping surface, which eliminates pain on the pressure points.

The cover of Zotto Mattress features a soft fabric so that it can gently caress your body as you sink into the mattress. It has no toxic chemicals, which makes it comfortable for all sleepers.

Motion Transfer

For couples and other people that share a bed, motion transfer is of a great concern. You want a mattress designed to enhance motion isolation and to help you enjoy a comfortable sleep. With Zotto Mattress, you will hardly feel your partner change positions or get in and out of bed. The various types of foam used on Zotto will absorb all the vibration with every movement made. Despite the mattress being highly responsive, it also has motion isolation.

Edge Support

If you are going to share a bed, you are likely to need the whole surface of the mattress. Whether you lie on your back, side, or stomach, Zotto Mattress has a great edge support. You will not feel any difference between the support you receive when sleeping at the middle or at the edges. Your back will experience great pressure relief from the body contouring. Each of the mattress’ layers will be perfectly compressed as they take the shape of your body.

If you sit on the edges, the base polyfoam will provide adequate support to the soft layers. This way, you will not feel stuck into the mattress.

Cooling Effect

Most people prefer mattresses that can regulate sleeping temperatures for comfort. Zotto Mattress might just be one of the coolest sleeping products you will find in the market. Its comfort layer was traditionally infused with copper for cooling. As an advancement, Zotto eliminated copper and now features the ThermaPhase cooling technology. This works alongside the CoolFlow foam to ensure that high temperatures do not build up on the sleeping surface.

The ThermaPhase technology is designed to rely on various phase change materials on the Zotto Mattress. These materials work together to regulate temperatures as per the needs of each user.

The unique fact about this technology is that it regulates the heat differently for people sharing one mattress. This means that if your partner likes sleeping warm while you prefer sleeping cool, the mattress will attend to the preferences of each of you. Additionally, the phase change materials will ensure that the temperatures are warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot.

This eliminates the worry that is associated with most memory foam mattresses. The CoolFlow foam will also wick off the moisture on your body and allow heat dissipation. The comfort layer is also fitted with a gel-infused memory foam that allows you to stay cool throughout the night.


Most new products are associated with an unpleasant smell that can be a concern to sensitive people. Once you order Zotto Mattress, it will be shipped and delivered right to your doorstep. Since it is a heavy mattress, you will need help getting it to the set up area. When you un-box it, you may notice a smell linked to boxed mattresses. However, this should be minimal and nothing a short time airing will not eliminate.

To eliminate the smell, allow the mattress to air for around 12 hours as it also unfolds to shape. By the end of the day, the mattress will be ready to sleep on.

Zotto Mattress used high quality materials that are free from toxic compounds and chemicals. It is also made in US, which guarantees its superiority.

You will love Zotto Mattress if:

  1. You are looking for superior quality: Zotto Mattress features premium quality materials and innovations that are aimed at meeting the needs and preferences of each person.
  2. You like sleeping cool: Zotto Mattress is constructed with a Coolflow foam and ThermaPhase technology to ensure that you do not sleep hot. Nonetheless, it has phase changing materials that will modify temperatures as per your needs. If your body heat is low, the sleeping surface will become hot and vice versa.
  3. You are looking for great value: Zotto Mattress is delivered free within 2 to 7 days. With the mattress, you will enjoy a 10-year warranty and 100 nights free trial period. The mattress is also probably one of the most reasonably priced.
  4. You want a memory foam mattress: Some people like sleeping on memory foam mattresses because they can sink into it and get a snugly feel. Such people also like how a memory foam contours with their body shape. Zotto Mattress is made of four types of foam: CoolFlow memory foam, gel-infused memory foam, Springtex foam, and high-density foam.
  5. You like sleeping on your side: Zotto Mattress contours with your body shape and it will provide adequate pressure relief to your shoulders and hips.

You will not like Zotto Mattress if:

  1. You prefer the traditional spring mattresses: Zotto Mattress features foam in all its layers even though each layer comes in a different type of memory foam. The foam acts greatly at providing support, comfort, contouring, and a cooling effect. Some people, however, prefer sleeping on a spring mattress because of the bounce and lift. If you are such a person, Zotto Mattress might not be the best mattress for you.
  2. You like sleeping on your back or stomach: Zotto Mattress is not ideal for stomach and back sleepers due to its sinkage. If you like sleeping on your back or stomach, therefore, you should get a spring mattress since it will provide better support to your back and stomach.

Final Verdict

Zotto Mattress is designed to provide a comfortable sleep to different people, which is something some memory foam mattresses miss. It allows you to sleep cool thanks to the amazing innovations incorporated. Zotto Mattress is one of the mattresses that impressed us with the many features and benefits it has to offer. Feel free to let us know what you think about Zotto Mattress.